Quick update

By now everyone thinks that I have fallen of the end of the earth, not true. It has been real busy both with my life and in the shop. Just a couple of update photo’s of progress in the shop. First is that the first, second and third op’s are now completed on 20 bolts.




and the first and second op’s are completed on the front barrel support.


IMG_0347sSolid round stock on the left and completed 1st and 2nd op on the left.

IMG_0345sAnother bin of front barrel supports.

IMG_0356sFrom start to finish. We will be working on the rest of the turning ops this week and weekend.

Hope you enjoyed the update.


4 comments to Quick update

  • Looking great Ian, do you have the angle of the gas ports in the barrel at 12 degrees? I found some old notes from mine when we tested some back in the early 60′s that noted that the gas ports were at a 12 degree angle towards the front of the barrel which would put the gas blowing out into the end piece of the receiver. Thanks for the update Harry

  • The only barrel that I have made is the mock up one for fitting parts. I will start the actual barrels after I complete the front barrel supports and the bolts.

  • I understand completely. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could tend to our hobbies and associated sites full-time?! Keep posting – I’m very much enjoying your progress.


  • craig sutton

    Fantastic progress. I can’t find your email to contact you: have a question and would also like to send some info and pics.

    Craig Sutton
    FFL / SOT

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