Sunday Answer 10-4-15

Okay had enough on this what is it Saturday. It was a tough one. A friend of Gun Lab sent this to me to add to my reference library.

It is an early rear sight aperture spring for the very first AR-18’s. It never went into production. I am looking for pictures of these rifles […]

Sunday Answer 5-17-15

The pictures from yesterday’s post.

Are from a AR-180B rifle. This part is the bolt hold open device.

You can see the difference between the AR-180B and the AR-180 with this next picture.

With The AR-180B some additional parts are required.

Looking at this next set of pictures you can see the […]

Sunday answer 5-10-15

What you are looking at is the spigot stem to a “Bigot”. For those of you not familiar with this weapon it is a dart firing adapter for a 1911 pistol.

The front of the shaft showing the tip of the firing pin.

rear view showing the back of the firing pin

side view of […]

Sunday answer 4-12-15

Sorry for the late answer to this Saturday what is it.

It is the brreechblock from a Sauer & Sohn model 1930 pistol. This is a copy from NRA firearms assembly 2, A book you should have in your library, showing the components of the pistol. It is part number 7.


Sunday Answer 3-28-15

The bolt and bolt carrier shown in Saturdays post.

Comes from an 8×57 Dror machine gun. Here are a few picture of this weapon.

One of the unique items about this LMG is the open bolt operation while on full auto and the closed bolt operation while on semi- auto.

Here […]

Sunday Answer 3-15-15

This is the bolt that you looked at yesterday.

The ring on the back is to cock the bolt.

You can see where the hammer travels through the bolt and strikes the firing pin. This rifle fires from a closed bolt.

It goes to the Beretta model 1918/30 carbine in 9mm Glisenti. […]

Sunday answer 3-1-15

The pictures from Saturday.

This is a bolt carrier for a Farquhar-Hill rifle. This bolt is from a drum type rifle. Here are a few pictures of it.

Rear sight

Gas system

Front of the drum

Top of the drum. Notice no feed lips. That was […]

Sunday Answer 2-22-15 a day late

The bolt goes to a Cei-Rigotti rifle

I had the opportunity to study one close up.

And I got some great measurements. Never enough pictures or measurements.

Here are pictures of the rifle.

bolt removed.

Trigger mechanism

Left side view

Bottom view

Right side view.

A great view of the gas […]

Sunday answer 2-15-15



This is a bolt to the Brondby rifle in 7.62×25.


It was another trials rifle that was made in limited numbers.

The rifle fired from an open bolt ,which unfortunately means that I can not made one here. It is a gas operated rifle that uses a […]

Sunday answer 2-8-15

This is the locking device and recoil spring guide for the 7.63×25 Howard Francis carbine. There is only one prototype that is known to have been made in late 1943. It uses a No.1 Mk3. receiver and was converted to a semi-automatic magazine fed carbine.

A black and write photo of the complete rifle.