Gun Building Site

I came across another gun builder here in the Phoenix area and made arrangements to meet up with him. What some of you may not know is that I happen to like all types of firearms, from match locks to modern machine guns. I also like to look at how firearms are made. So when […]

Another great post from rifleshooter

I don’t know how many people follow rifleshooter,, but he has another great gunsmithing post up. This one discusses rebarreling the Winchester model 70 rifle. He does a great job going through the steps he took to rebarrel the rifle. As always with his posts he not only shows you the steps and chats […]

Another great site to check out

If you have an opportunity you should take a side trip over to

Firearms History, Technology & Development.

His site address is this is great site. Generally he only posts a couple of times a month but when he does they are well thought out and very informative. It is well worth the trip […]

Interesting Gun Making Videos

I came across this series of videos by accident. The project is not complete yet, but it is turning into a very nice piece of art. Check it out.

Part one of the series.


Part 2 of the series.

Part 2b of the series.


Part 3 of the series


Great article at Rifleshooter

I was just over at one of the sites that I try and get to daily and he posted a very good article on

“Turning a sporter contour rifle barrel from a blank”

If you have not been to the rifleshooter site you are missing some great stuff. This is his post, you should check […]

Another gunsmithing site “Rifleshooter”

I have been reading this site for quite some time now. In fact it is one of the few sites that I actually print out and save hard copies of his projects. I find his write up’s to be well done and articulate. I just wish my photographs were as good as his. You should […]

Another interesting gunsmithing site

I was doing research on rust bluing for a up coming project that I need t finish when I came across this site. It is not a how to site per say but there is a great deal of interesting information there.

Stock making and rust bluing are two topics that he touches on […]

Home made single shot pistol

I am kind of a sucker for single shot pistols and have posted a few on this site. I am also have an interest in home made guns, other gunsmith sites and video’s on making guns. So this post will cover all these topics at one time.

He has come up with an interesting design […]