More work in the fab shop


With the extra cabinets from the school I started adding more cabinets in the fab shop. Storage is at a premium everywhere in the shops so these will help a great deal.

More cabinets added.

Mix and match. It works for me

Parts storage and a charging station for the battery operated drills


Finishing up the new anvil stand

Another weekend has come and gone. A few house hold projects were completed and a couple of minor projects worked on. Most of the weekend was spent on writing reports for work. Friday night for 2 hours, Saturday for a couple of hours in the morning and then again that night for a couple of […]

Fly press stand for the fab shop


Here at gun lab everything is generally made or re-purposed to go with the project at hand. I have a small fly press that I obtained at a yard sale for real cheap. I wanted to use it in the fab shop for punching hole and pressing designs. So it was time to spend […]

Working on the new anvil stand

Most of Sunday was spent on making a new stand for my anvil. The stand that came with the anvil, when I dug it out of a dumpster, is way to short for me.

Due to the short height I was always having back issues when I did any forging. Finally having a few moments […]

Working on the Fab shop

I have spent the last 3 weekend getting ready for a new water line to the fab shop. My limit for digging is only a couple of hours. When you look at the size of the rocks you will understand why.

Just pebbles.

The conduit as it came out from under the slab […]

Weekend update 5-21-17

I spent most of the weekend in the fab shop trying to clean up some small projects. With the temperature at the century mark there was no fun working in the sun.

I obtain another bead blaster from a friend.

This required me to run a new air system over to it.

I then started […]

Update on the fab shop

Work has been progressing on the fab shop even if at a slower pace then I like. Time and weather has been a real issue.

The roof has been coated twice so we are water tight.

All the wall have been put up,

I have started installing the electrical boxes.

Wiring will be next weekend […]

Happy Thanksgiving from Gun Lab

Here at gun Lab a terrific day was had. My wife cooked an outstanding meal using her new and almost completed kitchen. There was ham,turkey,stuffing,potatoes,and all the necessary fixings to go with them. Friends and family were her to enjoy the meal.

As for myself The day off was perfect. I was able to get […]

Part three from the weekend

When the router table project came to a halt it was time to move on to something else.

Back to the fab shop. You saw the work on the fluting press and the forging press. Well a little more work was accomplished on the fab shop addition.

All the walls and door frames are up. […]

Another weekend over and again not enough done

It is Sunday night and I am just about done. This is another post about the hot forging press. I did manage to get most of the piping put in place and made hangers for them. The hoses are hooked up. I just have a few more small items to complete and it will be […]