Update on the VG1-5 lower receiver welding

The welding on the lower receiver is now complete. This is the video on that update.

Now for some pictures showing close ups of the work performed.

A side view of the lower receiver

A top view of the receiver

The rear stock supports is first spot welded in place. However, due to […]

VG1-5 update welding in the rear barrel support

With the receiver tig welded together and the rear barrel supports completed it is now time to attach the two together. Using an alignment fixture we are able to proper align the rear barrel support with the body of the receiver and the running track of the upper receiver.

Here is a video of the […]

VG1-5 upper receiver slide

We have finished welding all the cocking handles on the upper receiver/slide. The next step is to finish the bolts and fit them to the upper receiver. Then the bolts go off the heat treat.

This is how the project looks now when we finished welding all the guides on.

Now all the cocking handles […]

VG1-5 upper receiver update

This post is a run down of all the work that has been performed on the VG1-5 upper receiver to date.


Here are a few pictures of the receiver as it stands today.

With out the cocking handle.

And with the cocking handle installed.

All the uppers will have the […]

Welding the rear upper housing

This post deals with welding the rear upper housing together. We start with the finished pressing of the cap.


And mating it with the housing that we stamped earlier we end up with the final product.

This is the video of that process.

Here are a couple of close up pictures of […]

EM-2 30-06 rifle

During the time period that the EM-2 was design it was made in a variety of calibers. These calibers ranged from the original caliber of .280 to the NATO standard of 7.62×51 through 30/06. This post is dealing with the 30/06 rifle. Basically what they did was to cut and weld a 7.62×51 rifle to […]


A rifle that I have been interested in for quite some time is the EM-2. It is one of those rare rifles that you read about but generally don’t have a chance to see, examine or shoot. I have had the opportunity to do all three.

To start all of the rifles came with a […]

Radom info Wednesday, 9-3

We finished the new knurling tool this last weekend and this is a post about the new tool. I have been using the Shars knurling tool for a while and was continuing to have problems with it so it was time for a change.

The pivot pins are very loose which causes the tool to […]