A 22lr EM-2

A friend who has passed made this copy of an EM-2 in 22lr. It is amazing what people can come up with. Defiantly an interesting rifle.

Right and left side views of the rifle.

Look closely at the markings on the carrying handle base

Rear sight and carrying handle





Answers to the post of 11-29

The first question that would needed to be answered is what do all these parts have in common. That answer would be up coming projects at Gun Lab.

The Cetme, H&K, 05 , G-41 G-43 and 03 pictures is for the 05 project we are working on. The fire control group is changing to be […]

Life at Gun Lab, studying the MP-44 receiver

Here at gun Lab what we do is study weapons and at any time you could come across anything. A set of EM-2 locking flaps,

a Destroyer carbine,

a Vickers cut away lock,

Hand drawn prints for a weapon

or a French MAS 36 22 trainer cartridge adapter.

Anything and […]

EM-2 video

I am always looking for EM-2 information and came across this British video on the rifle. Enjoy.

EM-2 30-06 rifle

During the time period that the EM-2 was design it was made in a variety of calibers. These calibers ranged from the original caliber of .280 to the NATO standard of 7.62×51 through 30/06. This post is dealing with the 30/06 rifle. Basically what they did was to cut and weld a 7.62×51 rifle to […]


A rifle that I have been interested in for quite some time is the EM-2. It is one of those rare rifles that you read about but generally don’t have a chance to see, examine or shoot. I have had the opportunity to do all three.

To start all of the rifles came with a […]



During our recent trip through the mid-west I had an opportunity to stop in and chat with John D.,a metallurgist, and Joe P.,a heat treating professional. I ended up taking a number of pictures and John was nice enough to do a write up for me concerning what we looked at, what it does […]

Sunday answer 11-2

For those of you that correctly knew the answer give your self a gold star. It is the winter trigger for a EM-2. Here are a couple of references from Thomas B. Dugelby’s book EM-2 concept and Design. This book is published by Collector Grade Publications and should be in your reference library.

The first […]

Randon info Wednesday

I am sorry but this going to be a short post. I have not had the time to complete the other post that I wanted to do. I have a digital photography class on Tuesday night and it ran longer then expected. The good news is that one of the other students takes gun pictures […]