Weekend trip part 3, looking at gun rooms

While on the trip I wanted to look and photograph a few guns for up coming posts. The owners were nice enough to let me take pictures of their gun room and post them. No address or names but some interesting weapons. I enjoy looking at gun rooms from the smallest to the largest. Some […]

weekend road trip first stop

My wife and I started a weekend trip to pick up a new piece of equipment for the machine shop and on the way there we did a quick stop at Reata Pass Auctions to look at the new items they had for the up coming auction.

This is not a normal type of […]

End of another fun road trip

We just got home and I am tired so the post will be short tonight. The trip was good, I was able to pick up a new piece of needed equipment for the shop. In addition I borrowed a dozen rifles to write about,had a fun night, stopped by a site to photograph some interesting […]