Chinese pistol

Last week Ian from Forgotten Weapons stopped by the house to borrow some equipment for an up coming video and he brought me a surprise. He had won at auction some Chinese pistols and had a few extras. So some horse trading perused. For some strange reason I just had to have this early Chinese […]

Sunday answer 2-15-15



This is a bolt to the Brondby rifle in 7.62×25.


It was another trials rifle that was made in limited numbers.

The rifle fired from an open bolt ,which unfortunately means that I can not made one here. It is a gas operated rifle that uses a […]

Sunday answer 2-8-15

This is the locking device and recoil spring guide for the 7.63×25 Howard Francis carbine. There is only one prototype that is known to have been made in late 1943. It uses a No.1 Mk3. receiver and was converted to a semi-automatic magazine fed carbine.

A black and write photo of the complete rifle.


Sunday answer

This magazine is the shorten version for the silenced Chinese sub machine gun.

This is a look at the larger magazine that was issued with this weapon.

This is the Sub machine gun.

This is the special 7.62×25 cartridge that was used with this weapon.