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Last week Ian from Forgotten Weapons stopped by the house to borrow some equipment for an up coming video and he brought me a surprise. He had won at auction some Chinese pistols and had a few extras. So some horse trading perused. For some strange reason I just had to have this early Chinese hand made pistol. There was no magazine and it was missing the grips but still in good condition. This pistol shows to what length people will go to to have a weapon. The entire pistol looks to be made with hand tools, ie. chisel,file and hand drill. It is an interesting weapon so lets take a closer look at it.

The first two views are the completed pistol in a right and left view.


DSC_6189sThese next two pictures show it field striped.


DSC_6194czsYou can see the chisel marks on the frame where the metal was cut away and filed to make the grip openings.

DSC_6192sThe trigger bar and disconnector looked like they were beat out of what ever they could get and then filed.

DSC_6202sYou can see the chisel marks in the slide grove.

DSC_6203sThe magazine catch is also missing, but it too was also chiseled out.


DSC_6196sA close up of the hand made screws

DSC_6195sa top view of the frame showing the barrel notches and the spring grove.

DSC_6200sClose up of the barrel groves


DSC_6198sThe slide

DSC_6204sA close up of the block, look at the chisel marks here.


DSC_6209csThe barrel was also hand made


DSC_6214csThe recoil spring and guide.

DSC_6220cI am not sure what caliber this pistol is in. The magazine well looks to be large enough for 7.62×25. A caliber way to powerful for a basic blow back pistol.

This pistol is an interesting design and build.


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  • Ken

    Very neat. Any rifling? You should try fitting some other mags and also see what fits the chamber.

  • Joshua

    7.62×25 in a blow back? ha ha ha, nope! couldn’t extort me into pulling the trigger!
    all jokes aside, this actually very interesting to look at it in terms of where everything came from, some of it is easy really, the cocking “grips” for lack of a more descriptive term are lifted right from a Mauser C96 as these Chinese pistols are want to do in most cases, the trigger looks to based of of the M1911, which I wouldn’t have put in China till WWII, I believe the TT-30 and TT-33 Russian handguns use the same trigger, but I wouldn’t expect them to make it into china till WWII either, which puts the gun at fairly late manufacture.
    How does the gun take-down? it doesn’t have the Browning cross pin in front of the triggerguad, and the uninterrupted rails would prevent the slide from being able to be lifted off the frame at rearmost travel, there is a lug on the front of the barrel looks like it might line up with the mainspring housing on the slide at lock-up, or what passes for it, is it the Colt 1900 system? where you retract the slide and turn the barrel? that would make sense of the hook on the safety arm, and what looks to be two points for it to lock into the slide.
    out of curiosity, does the safety work? or is it purely aesthetic?
    and does the Colt 1900 use the same trigger system? because that would make sense as the Colt was used at least in Shanghai, which might allow it to influence a gunsmith further inland.

  • Bill

    It looks like a crude copy of a Ruby to me.

  • TRX

    Having tried my hand at scratchbuilding with limited tools, I’m in minor awe at the amount of effort the builder put into that.

    It’s easy to look down on a rough finish and chisel marks until you’ve tried removing more than a trivial amount of metal that way.

  • not blow back ? not sure…

    rotating barrel locking: there is locking recesses in the slide :

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