Weekend update for 4th of July

Like all weekends I started out with a list that I could not possibly get done in the time frame allotted.

There were projects that I have been wanting to accomplish that are fun. Some of the things I needed to finish were under the direction of the commander in chief of the house. Some […]

Backhoe update or what have I been doing lately

When we last left our well used and over worked really old Ford backhoe we were getting diesel fuel in the oil sump. That was a while back and with no money or time to fix it it just seat there. A program was started to repair it and it is used with great regularity […]

Weekend update 4-12-15

Well the weekend is over and once again it has been a fun filled good time around gun lab.

With the backhoe cylinders back it time to get it working again. New bushings were made as well as the tooling necessary to press them in. This project is completed, or so I thought.

After we […]

Fun at Gun Lab Week end of 3-8-15

Not everything is as much fun as this was.

My old back hoe started leaking oil on two of the cylinders. So the project for Sunday was to remove the cylinders to take them down to the hydraulic repair shop. As with all plans things just do not go as easy as they sound. […]