Just a quick update on the VG1-5 project 5-2-15

All the firing pins for the VG1-5, the Star pistol and the M1930 Sauer have been sent to heat treat. The buffer pins are there as well. The spot welder have been wired up and the coolant system will be finished this weekend. The first rifle was sent a while ago to Greg who took […]

Wednesday update

Not much today on a road trip will post tonight.

Randon Info Wednesday 9-24

Today’s post is going to be a little short as I am just beat. We finished the rest of the Japanese type 99 stamping die that we have been working on. The next thing is to finish the first die and get it set up. That will not effect this die in the least. This […]

Wednesday More designing on the fluting press

We have finished what I think is the last of the designing work on the chamber fluting press. Next week after the die is off the HAAS machine we will start machining the individual components. So here is the final design.

We added a guide rod to insure that the tool head will […]

Randon info Wednesday

I am sorry but this going to be a short post. I have not had the time to complete the other post that I wanted to do. I have a digital photography class on Tuesday night and it ran longer then expected. The good news is that one of the other students takes gun pictures […]

Radom info Wednesday, 9-3

We finished the new knurling tool this last weekend and this is a post about the new tool. I have been using the Shars knurling tool for a while and was continuing to have problems with it so it was time for a change.

The pivot pins are very loose which causes the tool to […]

Random Info Wednesday

To proceed with the building of the VG1-5 we needed to design and build a barrel chamber fluting machine. With the number of barrels that we need to make to complete the project I needed something that is accurate constantly, has repeatable, is semi automatic in operation and can be used for other rifle projects. […]