Interesting AR-18 tool

It is not often that most people think how something was done in the “Old Days” but I do. Lots of times you can not reproduce a part using modern machinery with a great deal of work. The “Old Days” I am talking about is not the 1600,1700, 1800, but the middle 1900’s. I just […]

Sunday Answer 10-4-15

Okay had enough on this what is it Saturday. It was a tough one. A friend of Gun Lab sent this to me to add to my reference library.

It is an early rear sight aperture spring for the very first AR-18’s. It never went into production. I am looking for pictures of these rifles […]

AR-180B safety spring bending

A while back we showed you the springs that we obtained for the AR-180B safety and bolt hold open. We bought these with out the tabs pre-bent and trimmed.

The next step was to design the tooling necessary to bend the springs for an AR-180B rifle. A couple of pictures of the tooling necessary to […]

AR-180B parts update

With the parts coming back from the heat treating company on Friday it was time to get busy getting them finished.

This is how they look after heat treating. This is the safety.

And this is the bolt hold open.

The first step was to run them through the tumbler to remove the majority of […]

AR-180b upper receiver

Here At Gun Lab we actually have a number of projects going on. While we are waiting for our heat treating to come back for the VG1-5 and AR-180b parts we started on the AR-180B upper receiver. This receiver is design to fit on the Nodak-Spud lower as well as the AR-180B lower and the […]

Gun Lab update

This is an answer to a friends question about a particular project.

It is good to always keep checking with me. Things can get a little hectic around here. This is the status of the projects here.

1) the MP-44 trunnions test pieces have been completed and sent to the buyer. A […]

Weekend update and the fun of machining

Nothing really exciting to report. I spent the weekend machining large pieces of metal into smaller pieces. We have shipped the test MP-44 trunnions to Pete and while we are waiting for his report back we are filling our time working on making stamping dies. In this case all the pieces are sized and we […]

AR-180B trunnion design

An interesting question was brought up by Rick at a while back about making new AR-180B upper receivers. The actual receiver is not much of a problem however the trunnion is. The expense of making a new trunnion would be cost prohibitive so a different solution had to be found. In this case the […]

In the white AR-180B upper receiver

A friend of mine sent me a AR-180B upper receiver to look at and study. Here are a series of pictures giving you a more detailed look at it.

This is a right side view. As you can see they were made with out a dust collector flap.

A shot of the under side […]

Pressing the AR-180B bolt hold open

Previously I showed a few pictures of the process in pressing the AR-180B bolt hold open device.

We started with a laser cut then machined blank.

This is the video showing the steps.

And after the pressing operation we have a completed part ready for heat treat.