Another update for the cnc router

Well all the missing components arrived for the new cnc router controller. And it is time to start assembling the new system.

This is an over view of all the components as assembled on the 20×20 steel plate.

A close up of the servo motor controllers

A look at both power supplies and the terminal […]

VG1-5 update on the bolts

We bought this tool from Shars to allow use to hole the jaws in proper position the cut the proper diameter in the jaws for the bolt.


Once set up the bolts were turned and we were off performing op 1 on the bolts.

The first op turned the minor diameter of the […]

VG1-5 update on the upper receivers


The process of making the upper receiver has been slightly changed from the first parts we made. We are doing the internal grooving on the cnc lathe. After programming the lathe the first thing to do is test the program and inspect the groves as cut. This is one of the test pieces we […]

Looking for an article

I am looking for an article that was written in 1946. The title is “German Mass Production Methods: The use of stamped components in gun manufacture” It was written by Charles E. Balleisen and published in Army Ordnance September-October 1946.

Thank you for your help

Older gun making Italian style.

This video was taken at an Italian factory where they are working on Carcano’s and Revelli machine guns.;_ylt=A2KIo9Uop.9VXzcA428snIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTBzYjc0MWM5BHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDMzk-?p=gunstock+making+machine&vid=fd97950ced4d59562eda07112d13cc56&


Just a great deal of hand work

Older gun making video part 3


Another in the series of older gun making video’s. This is one on making the BAR.


New style VG1-5 trigger guard

After we built the first prototype VG1-5 I just did not like the style and shape of the trigger guard. It caused problems with the location and operation of the trigger and just did not look like the original rifle.

A part of the building process is to make necessary changes when it is required. […]

AR-180B parts update

With the parts coming back from the heat treating company on Friday it was time to get busy getting them finished.

This is how they look after heat treating. This is the safety.

And this is the bolt hold open.

The first step was to run them through the tumbler to remove the majority of […]

Older Gun Making Video

I just locate a series of videos that were made concerning making the 1917 Enfield rifle and Browning machine gun. There is no sound as the age of when they were made precludes that. There is however a lot of information in the videos concerning making weapons.

I enjoy studying how weapons have been made […]

AR-180b upper receiver

Here At Gun Lab we actually have a number of projects going on. While we are waiting for our heat treating to come back for the VG1-5 and AR-180b parts we started on the AR-180B upper receiver. This receiver is design to fit on the Nodak-Spud lower as well as the AR-180B lower and the […]