AR-180B bolt hold open device

This week we started on the bolt hold open device. These are the steps necessary to make this part.

This is how the part comes from the laser cutter. We leave the pivot hole small to allow us to ream it to size. We also add material to the pointed radius to all us to […]



We have the okay from ATFE. The rifle has been approved. Production starts Monday. More to come.

Gun Lab update

No posts for the last couple of days. Sorry about that but with the temperature hovering around 112 and working outside from 5:30 am until 7 or 8pm I am just out of steam.

Here are the updates though. The bending and stamping die for the AR-180B bolt hold open device in just about complete […]

Finishing machining the safety for the AR-180B

We have finally finished machining the last part for the AR-180B safety. This is the master cam video showing the steps that were performed to complete this task.

With this last installment we have now completed machining the safety for the AR-180B. This picture shows all the steps that we took to make the […]

Our Government at it again

I generally do not write about political or government garbage but this one is important. It seems that this government has a thing against guns and free speech. It seems to bother them and they are trying everything to stop it.

This is from the NRA web site concerning the current move by this administration […]

Part Two of the Japax wire EDM

Today after making parts for the Ar-180B was completed I started back trying to get the Japax wire edm to work. When 9pm came about I finally stopped. A great deal was accomplished today. Starting with getting the upper head to move to being able to write, post and run a basic program. This post […]

Making the AR-180B bolt hold open button

This post is about making the pivot button for the bolt hold open device for the AR-180B.

With no engineered drawings to work from the first item of business to take care of was making a drawing of the part with all the dimensions. To do this we used micrometers, feeler gauges and an […]

Saturday’s post

Today is a shop day as I am trying to get the pivot buttons completed for the AR-180B and finish the third op on the selector knob. I will post a video later today on time in the shop. I also chatted with Todd at McWilliams company and he was a great help on the […]

Machining the safety shaft for the AR-180B

This is the video of the actual machining of the AR-180B shaft. This is the first op in making this part. From here it will nest go to the mill to have the various flats, slots and holes drilled. Now on to the first op.

With the first op complete the next step is […]

Op 2 on the AR-180B selector lever

Saturday I spent most of the day finishing up the second op on the selector lever. Here is a run down of that operation.

Starting with the finished op one part.

A special set of aluminum jaws were machined to hold the selector levers.

With the jaws finished and the parts installed this is […]