AR-180B trunnion design

An interesting question was brought up by Rick at a while back about making new AR-180B upper receivers. The actual receiver is not much of a problem however the trunnion is. The expense of making a new trunnion would be cost prohibitive so a different solution had to be found. In this case the […]

Parts cleaning

This last weekend was a busy one, like most weekends here. On the list of projects that had to be completed was get the parts ready for heat treating. This meant bead blasting all the parts going to heat treat. Not a weekend of fun and frolic. Thousands of parts needed to be cleaned and […]

MP-44 Trunnions up date

We have now finished the first six test pieces up to the 5th operation. This next week we will complete op’s 6 and 7 and send them for verification for proper fit.

With the first 5 operations completed we will be starting on op6 soon. This is a master cam simulation of the process.


Up Date to the CNC router

I finally finished the new base for the cnc router. There is no movement on this platform at all. Next will be the new controller circuits and cabinet.

Another view. The extension pieces are for the top cabinet and dust collector system.

This shows the plastic inclosure for the computer and controller.



In the white AR-180B upper receiver

A friend of mine sent me a AR-180B upper receiver to look at and study. Here are a series of pictures giving you a more detailed look at it.

This is a right side view. As you can see they were made with out a dust collector flap.

A shot of the under side […]

Just a thought.

I am thinking of putting up a buy,sell, trade section on the blog. In it I will also post who is handling the parts we are selling and quantity left. I also have some stuff from my collection that I would like to sell. Any thoughts.

Interesting gunsmithing video’s

This video is on barrel fluting. I enjoy watching gunsmithing video’s and happen to learn a great deal from them.

I like the way he dampened the vibration while cutting the flutes.

I am thinking AR-10 barrel when I watch this video

AR-180B bolt hold open device

This week we started on the bolt hold open device. These are the steps necessary to make this part.

This is how the part comes from the laser cutter. We leave the pivot hole small to allow us to ream it to size. We also add material to the pointed radius to all us to […]



We have the okay from ATFE. The rifle has been approved. Production starts Monday. More to come.

Gun Lab update

No posts for the last couple of days. Sorry about that but with the temperature hovering around 112 and working outside from 5:30 am until 7 or 8pm I am just out of steam.

Here are the updates though. The bending and stamping die for the AR-180B bolt hold open device in just about complete […]