Weekend update part 2 3-1-15

With the weather being bad all weekend it takes all the fun out of working outside. It was also impossible to bring in material of the project in the wood shop. To wet to go shooting. So what to do, that is the question. I continued working on improving my digital photography. I also went […]

weekend road trip first stop

My wife and I started a weekend trip to pick up a new piece of equipment for the machine shop and on the way there we did a quick stop at Reata Pass Auctions to look at the new items they had for the up coming auction.

This is not a normal type of […]

Important topic dealing with BATFE

This site is not political as it manly deals with designing building and discussing firearms. However, my friend John D. has asked me to post this letter concerning the current BATFE attempt to limit our rights. This is an important issue and something everyone needs to stand up and fight. So PLEASE read and help. […]

Part Two on the Bushmaster Pistol

This is part two on the Bushmaster Pistol with John D. It is not often you have the opportunity to chat with someone as knowledgeable as John is on a topic. Enjoy the video.


Here are a few of the pictures to go along with the video.

Right side view.

Left side […]

Converted Rifles

In this segment we are going to discuss rifles that were converted from one caliber to another to allow them to be used by the country that captured them or to convert them for training. I first got interested in this after reading about the Cuban revolution and the weapons that they used.This first segment […]

What is it Saturday 1-31-15

The 1867-77 Peabody Rifle

On my trip through the mid-west I had an opportunity to look at a 1867-77 Peabody rifle. The movie will be completed so as well as the one at Forgotten Weapons. Here are some of the still pictures that I took of this beautiful rifle.

The side of the receiver.

A series of […]

Weekend update 1-19-15

Well it was another fun weekend around Gun Lab. This was the list I worked out during the week to be completed this weekend.

The 4″ conduit was run around the wood shop as well as the rest of the 2″ and 1″ and we buried it in preparation for the next phase.


Gardner Gun Manual

Today’s post is going back to the Gardner Gun. These are a series of manuals for both the Pratt& Whitney and the British/Dutch manuals.


Pratt & Whitney Gardner Gun Manual

Dutch Gardner manuals

British Gardner manual (b/w)

British 2-barrel Gardner manuals (1886 & 1894)

British 1-barrel and 5-barrel Gardner manuals


Interesting Spanish pistol

On my trip through the mid-west I had a great opportunity to look at a number of great gun collections. At one of the stops I had a chance to come across a unique Spanish pistol. The pistol is not the unique part but the magazine is. It is a double column magazine that was […]