New gun racks for the reference collection

A friend of mine recently lost his house. By this time he had already sold most of his collection and had no need for his gun racks. While not exactly designed for my gun room they were at least a start and the material was free, my price range. It took me all day Saturday […]

Shooting the Hotchkiss protative

At the last machine gun shoot I spent a great deal of time playing with my Hotchkiss light machine gun. I enjoy it like I enjoy my Lewis gun. That is to say a lot of things are going on to make the gun work. It is just a fun gun. There are a few […]

The machine gun I love to hate

My least favorite machine gun is, drum role please, The MG-34. I like the way they look. I fine the accessories interesting.Like this fortress box.

Or saddle drums.

The history of the weapon is fascinating. However, after owning three of them over the years I can say with certainty that it is the aggravating […]

Movie clip

I normally do not make posts like this. However, this is so bad it’s just funny. For your viewing enjoyment.

Hotchkiss feed strip ammo box

I happen to own a Hotchkiss portative light machine gun. Now that I have it working, with the help of my friend John, I find it one of the more fun guns to shoot.

So since last December I have been working on a couple of accessories for it. Well it happen that on […]

Gordam Ingram

Today’s post is about a series of rifles that I have read about but never had the opportunity to look at until just recently. I thank Reed Knight for letting me have the chance to examine the rifle when I was down at his place a while back.

So lets start with a short write […]

Weekend work update

Not much posting or working in the shop this weekend. Everyone at gun is SICK. Massive head aches,body aches, miserable coughs, just sick. Work and everything else just caught up with us. I hope to spend time cleaning up my back up hard drive if I can focus on the screen for any length […]

Doing a major back up file run

I have been transferring files from an older back up hard drive to a newer one. This process has taken the last 11 hours and still has another 6 hours to go. Sorry, no post right now. I hate to think how long a full transfer of data would take. Now I get to go […]

Gun Show update

Took Sunday off to relax and enjoy life. One of the thinks we did was go to a local gun show. Keep in mind that I generally go to only one show a year and that is the SAR show in December so I have not been to a local show in a number of […]

German video on making the H&K rifle

I happen to enjoy watching weapons being made. This video was put out by the German Government showing some of the steps necessary to make the H&K G3 battle rifle.