Interesting Shotgun

Normally I don’t write a lot about over and under shotguns. I am making the exception for this shotgun. I found this at a shop when I was doing some work there. The owner could not remember the cause but he thought it was either the wrong ammo or bad reloads. Hard to tell but […]

The passing of Mike Dillon

It is with a sad heart that I have to post this. For those of you that never had an opportunity to meet Mike you have missed meeting a great guy. I have a number of fond memories of Mike over the years. He was an amazing man that could seem to remember your name […]

Work in the Fab Shop

Okay so there is only two days in the weekend and I am getting older and do not move as fast as I use to. So between the kitchen and the router table we also started on the fab shop addition.

The concrete was poured a few weeks back and with the lack of room […]

Update on the router table

This last weekend more work was accomplished on the router table. As with the rest of the project we recycled as much as possible. The molding was added to the cabinet. Starting with a piece of an old oak cabinet that was cut over sized and planed to the proper dimension.

With any […]

A great animation of a semi auto handgun

Mac, a friend of gun lab, found this on you tube and thought the viewers of gun lab would appreciate it. I hope you enjoyed the graphics and work that went into making this video as much as I did.

VG1-5 barrel update

Work is progressing on the VG1-5. This post is about threading the barrel for the gas piston. In our last post about the barrel we had turn the out side dimensions and cut them for length.

This post is the manual lathe work to do the threading.



Another step toward the […]

Weekend update for 8-7-16

Like every other weekend here at Gun Lab it was another one of to much work and not enough fun stuff.

The exciting news is that I finally finished putting in the A/C for the machine shop. This will really help as now you can work and keep the sweat out your eyes.

Due […]

Unusual Vietnam 22 pistol


Ken, a friend of gun lab, sent us a very unusual 22 pistol that his father-in-law picked up while serving in Vietnam. It appears to be factory made pistol. However, I have never seen another one like it.

This is it.

The only information on the pistol

Close up of the right side of […]

Full auto pistol part 2

In our first installment., we looked at a rather boxy looking full auto pistol. This post is about the weapon that was built for patent number 3,803,976 that was issued to Henk Visser.

These are the drawings from the patent.

With the front grip down and ready to fire full auto.

Right […]

Weekend update for 4th of July

Like all weekends I started out with a list that I could not possibly get done in the time frame allotted.

There were projects that I have been wanting to accomplish that are fun. Some of the things I needed to finish were under the direction of the commander in chief of the house. Some […]