More interesting web stuff

There is a good article at the firearms blog concerning the tappet system of operation. This is the operating system used on the M-1 Carbine and on the Beretta 30 carbine rifle. Check it out.

While I am on the topic of interesting stuff on the internet. If you have not been to Impro [...]

Shop Tuesday September 9

More design work has been accomplish on the fluting press. Here are the latest updates on the project. This is the last major difficulty on the VG1-5 rifle. Most of the rest of the parts for the VG1-5 have been completed and have the fixtures for the bolt to upper receiver. I still have the [...]

Weekend update 9-8-14

This update has to do with some ammo that I just received. I had ordered a couple of cases of .410 shotgun musket ammo for the Enfield 410 shotgun from Dan’s Sporting Goods. These are some great people to deal with. It was a very pleasant experience to say the least and they will have [...]

Sunday answer

This is the receiver block from a MP-44 (STG-44).

The first picture are from “Collector Grade Publications” book “Sturmgewehr”. I highly recommend this book. If you are a student of weapons or military history this book is a must in your collection.

Here is a picture of the bolt in the machined receiver.


What is it Saturday

Library Thursday

This will be a quick post today. I just received my October firearms catalog from the James D. Julia auction site. All I can say is WOW. What an auction this will be.

Here is the link for the first lots auction.

Some of the items that I would love to have but is [...]

Weekend update

Most of Saturday morning was spent on another solid model. The actual projects that were accomplished were finishing the knurling tool and get back on the VG1-5 knurling project.

So first on the list is the knurling tool. I have one that I bought form Shars. I just did not like it. It moved to [...]

Friday video

Earlier this week we posted about the FG-42 first model bi-pod leg male stamping die. This is a video of us making the die.


This is a picture of the final die.

Hope you enjoyed the video. I appreciate all comments and suggestions to improve the video and the content. Thanks for watching.


Library Thursday

First off you can see that we changed the title for the Thursday post from book review to library. This was done because I wanted to add more then just book reviews. I wanted to add information to the Gun Lab library that I thought would be useful to you.

So this first post is [...]

What is it Saturday

This is the first new post on what is it Saturday.