M-1 Garand receiver

In keeping with the M-1 Garand posts here and at The firearms Blog, http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2014/12/16/making-m1-garand/. I though I would provide a couple of pictures of what the receiver looked like after it was forged and with the flashing cut off.

First the side views.

Now the top view.

Finally the bottom view. The amount of […]

AR-16 update and its smaller brother

I have a thing about the AR-16. I remember reading about it when I was a great deal younger. It is a 308 rifle built using a sheet metal receiver, some what like an AR-180. In fact it is the AR-180 father. Here is a quick picture of the only two know to exist anymore.Both […]

Sunday Answer 12-14


This is a bolt and bolt carrier from a Chinese bull pup assault rifle. qbz-95


Great video on making the M-1 Garand

There is a lot to this video. Watch and learn. There is an interesting part on shaping the lower part of the receiver, notice the metal shaper being used at 1:26.

Shooting the Czech model 52 police carbine.

I don’t know if it is or not a police carbine or just something someone made up. What I do know is that it was fun to shoot, was in a caliber that I can buy and uses AK magazines. Everyone at the shoot that shot it really like it. So while I am trying […]

What is it Saturday 12-6

VG1-5 Preorder Now Available!

We are now taking reservations for out reproduction VG1-5 rifles! Price is $4000, and they will be ready to ship once ATF gives final approval on the design. The get on the priority list, contact Matt or Greg at Allegheny Arsenal – (814) 362-2642. No payment will be taken until the guns are ready to […]

Friday post

Not much today I will be at the SAR show all day.


Here are the pictures of the completed version of the first VG1-5.

Now off to ATF for approval.

Making the VG1-5 up date Hand Guards

This last week has been a huge push to finish the VG1-5 in time for the SAR show. A great deal of work needed to be completed and not near enough time to complete it all.

The big push was to complete and correct the fire control mechanism. It is now fixed and operating properly. […]