Japanese type 1 paratrooper rifle

A friend of Gun Lab just obtain a Japanese type 1 paratrooper rifle and was nice enough to send pictures to share with everyone.

A little history on the type 1 is in order first.

This rifle was developed in 1941. It was a basic modification to the type 38 carbine. To accomplish this modification […]

Making the Sharpes rifle

In my usual time of relaxing and surfing the internet I came across some interesting video’s on the making of the Sharps rifle.

The first is the machining of the receiver.

The next video is making the stock.

This is the barrel making video.

This last video deals with the finish that […]

Sunday computer update

I have been a little remorse in backing up my lab top computer and downloading piles of paper work that needs filing. So a portion of this weekend was slated for that.

There are numerous dvd’s to down load on to the back up hard drive.

Boxes of drawings and data to down load.


Some days you just can’t help yourself

I saw this sign and just had to stop and take a picture.

It was at an empty 2 spot parking area.

VG1-5 upper receiver slide

We have finished welding all the cocking handles on the upper receiver/slide. The next step is to finish the bolts and fit them to the upper receiver. Then the bolts go off the heat treat.

This is how the project looks now when we finished welding all the guides on.

Now all the cocking handles […]

Saturday fun not everything is gun stuff

We have been working very hard on getting the VG1-5 project completed but Saturday was a different kind of a fun day. About 8 years, or so, ago I started a whole house remodel,so if your significant other complains about how long a house project takes just direct her here. I bought a kitchen display […]

VG1-5 upper receiver update

This post is a run down of all the work that has been performed on the VG1-5 upper receiver to date.


Here are a few pictures of the receiver as it stands today.

With out the cocking handle.

And with the cocking handle installed.

All the uppers will have the […]

What is it Saturday 10-17-15

This is another interesting one.

I will give you a couple of hints of what it is not. They are not flat tuning forks. They are also not shims for a cannon.

Working on the VG1-5

We have just finished welding up the VG1-5 lower receiver. This is a quick video of that operation.

A few pictures to go along with the video.

A couple of close ups of the welding.

All the lowers tig welded and ready for the next operation on the machining center.


Interesting project by a friend of Gun Lab

A friend of Gun Lab just completed an interesting project and was nice enough to write up a nice article. This is being brought to you by Orin H.

Swedish M1867 Rolling Block 12.7x44R to .50-70 Government Conversion

I have a Swedish M1867 Rolling Block that was originally in 12.7x44R and you cannot find any […]