Another great site to check out

If you have an opportunity you should take a side trip over to

Firearms History, Technology & Development.

His site address is this is great site. Generally he only posts a couple of times a month but when he does they are well thought out and very informative. It is well worth the trip […]

Battery gun

I have been going and looking at firearms in England for over 20 years. One that I always go back and look at time and time again is a battery gun. Not your normal single row of barrels type battery gun. No this weapon is made up of two rows of different caliber revolvers.

This […]

Great article at Rifleshooter

I was just over at one of the sites that I try and get to daily and he posted a very good article on

“Turning a sporter contour rifle barrel from a blank”

If you have not been to the rifleshooter site you are missing some great stuff. This is his post, you should check […]

Pictures for the Shot Show update.

Everyone looks at different things when you are at the Shot Show. This is some of the items that caught my wife’s attention.

This display was at the NRA exhibit.

A quick video of a couple of items at the show.

Some of the weapons that she looked at.

A stop […]

Shot Show update

It is that time of the year that everyone has gone to the Shot Show to meet friends, look at the newest product and make deals. All the gun blogs are taking about what is new and interesting at the show and who is making what. Well I did not get the opportunity to go […]

Another site has gone

Another site that I use to go to every day has now gone missing. It went by the name Lock, Stock and History, with the address of:

It is a shame as it was one of my favorite. I hope he makes a come back.

I just got an update that he is still […]

Part 3 of the Volkspistolen

In this post we will be covering some of the small parts as well as the assembly and dis-assembly and operation of the Volkspistolen.

First a series of picture of this really nice looking pistol as completed.

This first video is of assembly and dis-assembly of the slide […]

VG1-5 update more hand fitting

With this post we are chatting about hand fitting the magazine to the VG1-5 housings. There is a wide tolerance variation between MP-44 magazines. The housing is then set for the largest width magazine this allows any magazine to work. The magazine catch is also checked and fitted to insure proper set up.




Museums or private collections

Recently there have been a couple of post concerning small arms and there disposition.

Ian at forgotten weapons.

And Matt at

They both had some interesting things to say about the subject. I have taken a different approach. Here at Gun Lab we have always felt actions speak louder then words. We not […]