3D Printer update

When we received the new 3D printer and some of the plastic support pieces were broken. I did a post about making the new parts. Then when we tried to operate it we noticed that the over travel switch did not work on the Y axis. There are still spare parts so a new wiring […]


The pictures of this rifle was sent to us from Mr. H.F., a friend of gun lab.

This AR18S made by sterling for Armalite Costa mesa. This and a AR180 were the first two sterling guns into USA. Difference from an American AR18S:

Serial number is AS033 – their meaning Automatic Shorty…033rd gun made, not […]

The Golden Age of Gun Information.

This is truly the Golden Age of Gun Information. First there are all the great sites on the internet dealing with gun collecting.

Like Forgotten weapons, located here:

also Historical Firearms,located here:

As well as C&Rsenal,located here:

Then there are specialty sites like this one dealing with the Carcano rifle.

And […]

Interesting belt fed AR

A while back I had the opportunity to photograph a very rare and unusual rifle. It is a shorty AR carbine that has been converted to belt fed. This little toy would be a power house of fun. I don’t have any additional information on the rifle.

A close up view of the left side […]

The book “Fabricacion De Fusiles”

A while back I was able to obtain a few books that I did not have in the reference library. I have a thing about not only gun books but also machining and manufacturing books. So what could be better then a book about manufacturing guns. This book was written in 1899 and is about […]

Memorial Day

Having served for ten years this is one of the Holidays that I respect the most. During my time in I had lost friends that I went to high school with. There names will forever be on the wall. Please take the time today to say a prayer for those that have served and are […]

Rare Carcano rifle

In my youth I had the opportunity to look at and take a couple of pictures of a very rare Carcano rifle. Judging on the way I look, with hair and all and not that many wrinkles, these pictures were taken 35 years ago or so. It is not often that you get to see […]

No post more computer problems

Once again I am plagued with computer issues and Windows 10, may a thousands camels shit in the mouths of the designers of this software. The hard drive issue has been fixed with a new cable and a totally different hard drive. Now the videos that I have been working on in Pinnacle Studio 19 […]

Interesting rifle for sale on Gunbroker

I generally do not spend a great deal of time at Gunbroker, stopping in once a week or so, as time is my enemy. However, with that said I did come across a


rifle. Not having one in my reference collection I am always on the […]

More Computer Problems

The new computer is not seeing it’s hard drive and not allowing me access to it. So no posts until I can get it straighten out. Currently using my wife’s computer but no access to my files, photo’s or videos. Hope to be back by the weekend.