Up date on the library

My last post on my library and the mess that it was in hit a few off note cords around here. No access to a great deal of my reference library and the mess all the rooms were in really pushed my buttons. Then boom I get a call from a general contractor ,that I […]

Apology for lack of posts

Sorry about the lack of posting. Once again the work load in my company has taken over my life. Most days this last week were 12 to 14 hours in length and one 16 hour day. I will get back on it this weekend.


Sorry no post for today. Worked and got home at 10.45 pm and have to leave at 5am tomorrow. Going to bed. I will try and post tomorrow.

Weekend up date 3-23-15

Busy weekend. A number of small and large projects were completed this weekend so lets get to the list.

The first was completing the painting in the fab shop. This is what it looked like.

And this is how it looks now.

I hope to work on the last of the lighting next weekend.

The […]

New Email Notification System

Due to some technical glitches, we are changing the system used to send email notifications of new posts here on GunLab. If you have had problems getting the system to work in the past, please try using the new subscription box in the top right corner of the site. If you are currently an email […]

Cut Away rifle SA-80

I do love looking and photographing cut away weapons. The amount of information that is gathered in a good cut away is amazing. I hope you enjoy this one.

When I was taking the pictures I was focusing on a particular part. That is […]

Archive Photo’s 3-12

I shot these pictures while at Woolwick at the Rotunda. It was an absolutely great museum. It has since been closed down and replaced with a typical diorama walk through everything behind glass museum. In its day it was a place where you could study some small arms, but mostly artillery up close. I spent […]

Fun at Gun Lab Week end of 3-8-15

Not everything is as much fun as this was.

My old back hoe started leaking oil on two of the cylinders. So the project for Sunday was to remove the cylinders to take them down to the hydraulic repair shop. As with all plans things just do not go as easy as they sound. […]

VG1-5 update

It has been a while since we have chatted about the VG1-5 so I thought an update was in order. All the individual parts have been made and the first non-firing copy was made. This last weekend we finished a testing example to try and determine if any problems exist. We looked at everything from […]

Sunday Answer 3-8-15

The part on Saturdays what is it.

Is the striker from a Chinese Norinco T-97 bullpup rifle.

You can read more about it here.

I have a complete set of pictures for this rifle coming from a friend in Canada and will post them soon.