Weekend update

Most of Saturday morning was spent on another solid model. The actual projects that were accomplished were finishing the knurling tool and get back on the VG1-5 knurling project.

So first on the list is the knurling tool. I have one that I bought form Shars. I just did not like it. It moved to [...]

Friday video

Earlier this week we posted about the FG-42 first model bi-pod leg male stamping die. This is a video of us making the die.


This is a picture of the final die.

Hope you enjoyed the video. I appreciate all comments and suggestions to improve the video and the content. Thanks for watching.


Library Thursday

First off you can see that we changed the title for the Thursday post from book review to library. This was done because I wanted to add more then just book reviews. I wanted to add information to the Gun Lab library that I thought would be useful to you.

So this first post is [...]

What is it Saturday

This is the first new post on what is it Saturday.


Update on work around Gun Lab.

Not everything is fun and games around here. There is always maintenance to accomplish as well building projects not related to guns to perform. This Sunday was one of those days. My boss, wife, deemed that the doors needed painting as well as the door frames. So all the doors except the big steel doors [...]

Need a Little Help

I have finished the lower receiver for the Sudanese AR-10. I would now like to make some of the other parts for it and the Portuguese AR-10. I am really looking for Drawings and parts. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

FG-42 rear sight base machining video

I posted the still pictures a little while back on making this part. Here is the lathe video on machining the first op.

Just as a quick refresher on the part being made, this is the solid model of the part.



After the first op, which is the lathe op, [...]

FG-42 first model rear sight

We have been working on the rear sight for the FG-42 first model. The first picture that is a solid model of the entire sight assembly.

The next picture is a picture of the component parts.

The part we are currently working on is the base of the sight.

So now that you have [...]

updates on the projects

Most of my friends know that I am a little different. Generally when I call or e-mail them to let them know what is going on at gun lab there first comment is always why don’t you just work on one project until you complete it. There is a real good reason that I do [...]

Firing pin for the VG1-5

With there not being any parts available we have to design and make every part. Some times this leads to re-doing a design several times. The firing pin is a case in point.

The initial design was to use a H&K 91 firing pin that was turn down to fit the VG1-5. The reason for [...]