Werndl model 67 rifle

During the Austrian Prussian in 1866 the Austrians took a heck of a beating from the Prussians due to the Dreyese needle gun. The Austrians were still using the excellently designed muzzle loading model 1854 Lorenz rifle. While at the peak of muzzle loading rifle development it was no match against the faster firing Dreyese […]

Timberline Hawk survival rifle

Not much is known about the company Timer Line Hawk. So this is as much of a history as I could gather. The registered agent of the company was John A. Mc Gerty and the filing date was March 29,1983. It was a company formed initially by four men to take over the assets of […]

Zulu Shotgun

A while back I picked up an interesting single shot shotgun with a bronze receiver. A little research showed it as a ZULU shot gun.

The history of this weapon goes back to the end of the muzzle loading era. With the civil war ushering in the era of the breech loading metallic cartridge firearm. […]

Looking at the Stevens Little Krag rifle

The little Krag rifle made by Stevens gun company is a 22 caliber boys rifle. The Krag name was chosen because the Spanish American war was still in the recent memory of most Americans. It is a simply design single shot rifle that came out in March of 1904. The rifle came with a standard […]

Things that go on at Gun Lab

I just got back into my office area this morning and looked at the pile of parts that had been studied last night and thought it would make a good what is it picture. As anyone that has been here knows we are interested in any thing gun and study everything gun. So see if […]

Single shot rifles, Book Review

I am a big fan of single shot rifles. I enjoy there design from the simplest boys rifle to the most expensive British falling block design. I also have a number of single shot rifles in the Gun Lab reference collection. I feel that the pinnacle of the gun making craft is single shot rifles […]

Unique 22 single shot rifle

Our friend in Germany, Axel, knows that I am always interested in weapons of all styles and calibers so with today’s e-mail came some interesting pictures. I have a number of different types of single shot weapons and find them all interesting. Here is one that I have not seen before, not that that means […]

New Section, Cut Away weapons

For me, part of the process of learning about small arms includes photographs, manuals, manufacture boards,studying the actual weapons them self and studying cut away weapons. So I have decided to start a section on cut away weapons. I do own a few cut away and I take pictures of others when ever possible.

This […]

Building a Stevens Single shot rifle video

I like gun building and that should be no surprise to anyone that comes to this sight. I also like any type of weapon. I found this series of videos on building a Stevens single shot rifle. There is a great deal of information in his video even though it is not a how to. […]

Shooting the 410 Enfield shotgun

After working non stop for almost two weeks my friend Mac and myself decided to take a break and do a little shooting. I needed to test the 410 Enfield shotgun for accuracy, so off we went with that and 3 other weapons. We had a great time with the little Enfield. The accuracy is […]