Shooting the 410 Enfield shotgun

After working non stop for almost two weeks my friend Mac and myself decided to take a break and do a little shooting. I needed to test the 410 Enfield shotgun for accuracy, so off we went with that and 3 other weapons. We had a great time with the little Enfield. The accuracy is what you would expect with a smooth bore gun using ammunition that was madeĀ  in what looks like in 1960.

The target was shot at 30 yards.

DSC_3747sThis is after two strings for grouping.DSC_3758sNot much difference.

However, I would not want to be hit by one of these slugs. It had not problem going through a 2×4 at all.

DSC_3748sAnd was a danger to close up cans.

DSC_3756sIt also put a heck of a dent into a 1/4″ steel plate.


DSC_3838swI actually had more fun shooting this then the two machine guns that were taken or the sniper rifle.

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