A quick Gun Lab update

I have to say that I am sorry about the lack of posts. In my defense I must say that my full time business and what actually supports me and Gun Lab has been hectic and very busy. It has been so busy that this is my  first lunch break in two weeks. Starting my day at 4:30 am to get out the door and not getting home until 8 or 9 at night has made it tough to write any posts.

Here are a list of up coming posts that I have been working on but not finished:

The range report from the test on the No.1MK3 410 single shot shotgun

The update on the fluting press with pictures

The VG1-5 firing pin and problems associated with making it.

An article on the Haenel single shot 22lr rifle.

The next installment on the bushmaster pistol.

A photo essay on the Holek rifle.

A write up on the Walther 22 semi auto 22lr rifle

A couple of video’s that still need to be edited.

All this and still more like the Winchester self loading rifle, the week end update, Portuguese AR-10 and a few more single shot rifles as well as the Cetme L project and the Gardner gun build by Joe.

I will be taking off next weekend to take a quick trip to work.


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