Using the MG-51 belt loader for the MG-34

I have a number of belt loaders and one that I picked up a number of years ago is the MG-51 belt loader. This is a Swiss belt loader originally design for the Swiss Maxim gun. Later they were converted from the cloth belt to a metal belt for the MG-51.

In this case […]

Fun at the machine gun shoot

This last weekend was our semi annual when we get around to it kind of twice a year maybe only once a year machine gun shoot. It is nothing great or grand. There are no fees, no explosives, no sales tables, no flying targets and no spectators. Just a boring time of a bunch of […]

Gun show report part 2

The second day of the show is over and here is another update report. There were a lot of great guns to buy so I bought stuff instead.

As I walked around I came across a guy selling French 32acp magazines, now I really don’t need an French 32acp magazine I could not pass on […]

MG-42/ MG-3 cut away

It has been a while since I put up an interesting cut away weapon. Today we are going to bring you a cut away of the MG-42/MG-3 general purpose machine gun.

First a parts diagram of the MG42/MG3.

This is a factory cut away