Gun show report part 2

The second day of the show is over and here is another update report. There were a lot of great guns to buy so I bought stuff instead.

As I walked around I came across a guy selling French 32acp magazines, now I really don’t need an French 32acp magazine I could not pass on the price. 5.00. I mean where can you buy a 5.00 magazine. So I bought all of them, 50 magazines. They will go great with all the other magazines I have and don’t have a use for. The only bright spot with this deal is that they look a lot like Spanish pistol magazines and those I can use.



The next useless items I bought was  pile of Chinese type 68 rifle parts. No one has a type 68 Chinese rifle, but I have the market cornered.


I also picked up a FN MAG tripod. That will be used for a mounting set up for the Hotchkiss.


Other then the useless parts and magazines the real find at the show for me was the books. This set is currently being brought in, however only 20 sets are being brought in. It is a 3 volume set, 4000 pages, on the AK and all it variations.



DSC_7607csHere are a couple of pictures of what is in the book.


DSC_7608csThe set of books is not cheap by any means, but it is worth the money. The price for the set is 295.00 delivered.

I also picked up a 22lr trainer that is cute. It is Bulgarian.




And a couple of feed strips for the Hotchkiss.

DSC_7613csIf anyone has some of these they want to get rid of cheap let me know as I need 20 or so of them.

The last item I picked up was an inexpensive MG-42 gunners kit.


It has been a good show so far.

11 comments to Gun show report part 2

  • Storm

    Looking at the covers, one cannot escape the feeling of “Poster boy” appearance of M.T. Kalashnikov, he had, unfortunately, all his life.

  • Chuck

    Yes I agree. However the books are real good and worth the price.

  • Andrew Marcell

    The magazines look like they are for Llama pistols. The one you posted looks to be for a .22.
    The Chinese Type 68 is the ultimate evolution of the SKS. They are much better weapons than the AK 47.

  • Pete F.

    I get the mag thing. I bought some Madsen 9MM subgun mags I have no immediate use for. Thing is they are for a later version that uses a really neat curved version. Great to have for a future project!

  • DocAV

    WEll your “Type 68″ is NO such thing ( Misinterpretation by Ezell in his SAOTW edition). The correct designation is “Type 63″ as is stamped into the receiver side wall…I know, I have 5 of them.–by two different Makers PRC.( movie inventory, SA and FA)

    AS to the Hotchkiss strips, your ex-Japanese brass ones will work in Portatives, but the brass will (a) work harden the tabs, and (b) they crack or tear off after about two or three times ( especially if you don’t “time” the gun by the Gas regulator)

    Get some of the “AV Ballistics” Hotchkiss strips ( new made, spring steel (SAE 1055) and blued.) Work wonders in T3, T92, and Portatives. We make flexi-strips as well.

    If you can’t get them from Bob Naess ( Black River, Vt.), try us. ( )

    I like your GunLab, and save some of the Postings for my “Workshop” file.

    Dr. Astrid M.Vallati,

    AV Ballistics Technical and Film Ordnance Services,

    • Chuck

      I just could not remember is it was a type 63 or 68. Thanks for the point in the right direction. I will contact Bob about the new steel feed strips.
      Glade you dropped by and hope to hear from you in the future.

  • Dan E

    is there a good list and or resource for 22 trainers?

  • Storm

    Hmm in that “Cugir smg” posted data, how can the gun be described as an “open bolt” while it clearly, on exploded view, has the trigger and hammer?

  • Storm

    My mistake, its view for a micro draco

  • Johno

    The banana mag in the box of Type 68 parts, does it have a bolt hold-open actuator? Or is it yet another variant of AK magazine?

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