Making a Hotchkiss Portative tri-pod

After the last machine gun shoot with the Hotchkiss I made a decision that what was really needed for this gun is a tri-pod. I did a post a while back about ideas for the tri-pod,, but now I am on to the project, in my spare time of course.

I was down on […]

What is it

It has been a while since I have posted a what is it. I was up in the container cleaning up and looking for parts for a project I was working on this last weekend and came across this. It is a casting of some kind of mount. Some machining has been performed but it […]

Hotchkiss Portative tri-pod ideas

I own a Hotchkiss portative machine gun and with it now fully operational it has become one of my favorites to take to the shoot.

My biggest complaint with it is that I just don’t like getting down into the dirt to shoot it. The butt stock is uncomfortable to use and the little […]