Weekend update

First things first. I am dog beat tired. I will post pictures later about everything. Changes were made to the wood shop, solid models were done and a new rifle rack was worked on.

So lets start at the beginning. Saturday was spent with the computer system that I could not get to work correctly […]

Weekend update 11-17

As always there is to much to do and not enough time to complete all of it. First is the update to the addition to the wood shop. The door is hung and the roof is up. The roof and sides are epoxy and fabric covered, for the most part. One more day and I […]

Mondays update 10-27

With the SAR show coming up quick the main push at Gun Lab is to finish out the VG1-5 project. Not all the rifles will be built prior to SAR, but the parts will be completed and the first 3 rifles will be completed. That is my goal at least. So right now we are […]

Monday update 10-13

Sorry for the lack of posting, however I have an excuse. I have been having to much fun visiting friends, taking pictures to post, looking at guns and learning about metals and heat treating. I have a pile of pictures for you, some great information on metals and a couple of interesting interviews. Now on […]

Monday update 9-29

The 1″ steel plate that we cut up last weekend has been cut down to size and then sized in the HAAS to actual specs.

This is all that is that is remaining of the steel sheet that we started with.

All of this material will be used on the fluting machine.This is what […]

Monday update 9-22

Well the fab shop new addition is now framed up and ready for a concrete pour. With any luck I will have the concrete completed in October.

This weekend is also honey-do weekend as well. The tile needed to put down in the hallway and bathroom and the new lighting installed. This […]

Weekend update

Most of Saturday morning was spent on another solid model. The actual projects that were accomplished were finishing the knurling tool and get back on the VG1-5 knurling project.

So first on the list is the knurling tool. I have one that I bought form Shars. I just did not like it. It moved to […]