Timberline Hawk survival rifle

Not much is known about the company Timer Line Hawk. So this is as much of a history as I could gather. The registered agent of the company was John A. Mc Gerty and the filing date was March 29,1983. It was a company formed initially by four men to take over the assets of […]

Full auto pistol part 2

In our first installment., we looked at a rather boxy looking full auto pistol. This post is about the weapon that was built for patent number 3,803,976 that was issued to Henk Visser.

These are the drawings from the patent.

With the front grip down and ready to fire full auto.

Right […]

Full auto pistols prototypes part 1

In the world of full auto pistols some stand out a great deal. The Mauser Schnellfeuer is probably the most famous.

Following it are the Russian Stechkin.

Then the Astra model 904 and a variety of Star pistols.

This is one of the many prototypes that has been made over the years that […]