Parts wanted and for Sale!

Looking for G-43 fire control parts. Hammer,trigger,sear. This is for one of the projects we are working on. A friend of Gun Lab has helped out with this. Thanks

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VG1-5 Preorder Now Available!

We are now taking reservations for out reproduction VG1-5 rifles! Price is $4000, and they will be ready to ship once ATF gives final approval on the design. The get on the priority list, contact Matt or Greg at Allegheny Arsenal – (814) 362-2642. No payment will be taken until the guns are ready to ship.


Rare Carcano rifle

In my youth I had the opportunity to look at and take a couple of pictures of a very rare Carcano rifle.  Judging on the way I look, with hair and all and not that many wrinkles, these pictures were taken 35 years ago or so.  It is not often that you get to see something as rare as this and I wish I would have taken a few more pictures. This is a Moschetto Model 1891 (carbine)



scan0004_Page_04c2smallA view of the top of the rifle

scan0004_Page_04c2c2Close up of the receiver area

scan0004_Page_04c2c1Another view of the receiver

scan0004_Page_04c1c2The crest in the side of the stock



3d printer and the Remington Hepburn

A couple of years ago I bought a Remington Hepburn rifle That was in very poor condition. I happen to like this style of action and wanted to reverse engineer it and make a new rifle. Orin, a friend of gun lab, also has an interest in this rifle and making one. I bought a set of prints from ASSRA as a starting point and started making a solid model of the rifle in solid works. When I finished my part I sent the drawings and all the components to Orin where he finished the drawings. The project has set as we still needed a few critical dimensions. Well then I get the word from Orin that he has bought a 3d printer and he has printed out the receiver and a cut away of it as well. This is that story.

This is the printer that he bought.

IMG_0883sAfter 3 hours of printing

IMG_0879sAfter 5 hours and 20 minutes

IMG_0877csAfter 9hours and 15 minutes the receiver is complete.

IMG_0875sThree views of the receiver after printing is complete.



IMG_0871sThe computer solid model as it looks prior to printing.

Hupburn Build 2The cut away model and some of the internal parts to allow testing of the model.


This is a video of the process and progress of this project.

Update on the CNC Router

More work and re-design work has been done on the cnc router. The side panels were original design to be plastic with the three fans installed. Through all the design phases that we have gone through we found that plastic will not work as the proper material. Here is a picture with the plastic side panels on one side.

DSC_8904s DSC_8906s

A close up of the plastic panel with the fans on it.


On of the problems is the lack of room on the panel after the fans are install and then trying to install the connector panel.


The new design takes off the corner supports as we are going to an all aluminum panel and doing a different layout of the panel.

router table4You can see that we have placed all the fans horizontally with the plug in panel next to it. The only item missing from this model is the power input plug.

This is a view of the inside of the compartment showing the other side of the plug in strip.

router table3A couple of views of the assembly attached to the table.

router table2

router table1 A little more design work to be done and then it is one to putting it all together.


No post more computer problems

Once again I am plagued with computer issues and Windows 10, may a thousands camels shit in the mouths of the designers of this software. The hard drive issue has been fixed with a new cable and a totally different hard drive. Now the videos that I have been working on in Pinnacle Studio 19 ultimate will not save. I can edit and work on them, which I did for several hours, then when you go to save them you get an error and everything is lost. I went back to the old computer and bought another copy of pinnacle but the down load took most of the night. Hope to be back at it tonight.

AR-10 handguard

Eric, a friend of Gun Lab, let me borrow his AR-10 hand guards collection to photograph and measure up.

The first set of pictures is of a very early hand guard that has not been completed. The information I obtain from this single piece is worth volumes in trying to determine how and what material they were made from. This hand guard has none of the hole drilled into it and has neither of the end caps installed.



Looking at the front end of the hand guard you can see the thickness of the sheet metal liner and the density of the foam and fiberglass outer housing.

DSC_9058cs Here you can see the seam on the hand guard when it was put together.

DSC_8997csThis view of the rear of the hand guard you can see the forming of the sheet metal for the gas tube as well as a good view of the type of foam material used.

DSC_9009csHe sent the end caps as well. This allow for a detailed examination of both pieces. Drawings were made of both of them.

The front end cap, front view.

DSC_8974csThe front end cap, rear view.

DSC_8971csThe type of material has not been accurately determined yet, still working on it.

The rear end cap has a great deal more detail to it.




The second hand guard that Eric sent is an unused Sudanese type. You can easily see the hole pattern on the hand guard.

DSC_9015csThis close up shows the fit up of the rear end cap and the grove and hole alignment.

DSC_9016sYou can see the difference between an early and the later rear end cap.

DSC_9020sA good view of the gas tube slot in the rear hand guard.

DSC_9021sA close up of the front end cap.

DSC_9028csThis Sudanese hand guard is from a friends parts kit.

DSC_9036csThe rear end cap design was changed between the first model and the Sudanese model

DSC_9046csThe grove for the gas tube has been increased in depth as well.


DSC_9050csThe hand guards and stock are easily damaged


DSC_9083sBecause of the damage and I now need U.S. 922r parts for my build everything on the front hand guards has been drawn up and as in the case of the rear end cap has been test run on the machines.


I started on a set of molds to make new ones in the future. Unfortunately, the first set that I made did not work correctly. A second set has been designed and programed and when time allows will be made. Projects are based upon time and if parts are available for me to complete the project.

I have to give special thanks to Eric for letting me borrow these rare components.

Just one last look of all of the hand guards in a single picture.


Interesting rifle for sale on Gunbroker

I generally do not spend a great deal of time at Gunbroker, stopping in once a week or so, as time is my enemy. However, with that said I did come across a


rifle. Not having one in my reference collection I am always on the look out for the 1917 or 1918 French semi-automatic rifle.

This is the write up of the weapon on the auction site.


Here are the pictures posted of the rifle.



pix941794619This would be an interesting rifle to own because this is what the French government did to them.

I have a couple of line drawings of the parts in a 1917 rifle

picture 1 smallpicture 2 smallThis picture shows all the views of the rifle

Fusil M1917 semiauto France croppedI found this close up of the magazine housing on the internet

magazine areaBest of luck getting this rifle. It would be an interesting addition to a collection.


More Computer Problems

The new computer is not seeing it’s hard drive and not allowing me access to it. So no posts until I can get it straighten out. Currently using my wife’s computer but no access to my files, photo’s or videos. Hope to be back by the weekend.

More work in the Gun Room

I spent Sunday making the last of the gun racks for the gun room. After the last couple of weekends most of the new gun racks had bin built. I still needed to make a couple of racks for where the books used to be stored. While working on everything else the shorter rifle were just stacked in there.

DSC_8826sNot exactly the best method for storing the rifles. New racks were made to prevent the rifles from falling over.

DSC_8945sThis is how the complete wall looks like.

DSC_8947sThis hopefully will end the rack building project list.


PTR44 locking shoulder damage

Pete, a friend of gun lab, Sent me some pictures of a rifle that has come into his shop for repair. When he tool it apart and check out all the components he notice the condition of the locking shoulder. In the following pictures you can see the damage that has occurred to the PTR-44 locking shoulder.




It is hard to determine if the position of the bolt was not properly lock it up. It looks to be to high. This could have been a problem with the parts as they were made, out of speck, or it could be a problem that has occurred over time and usage.

Pete ran a file over the locking shoulder and it did not scratch it, a sign that it is hard. It could be improper material and or heat treat of the material.

Just be warned and check out your own weapons to verify the condition.

Cut away Bren gun

Just a quick post and a late one at that. I am a big fan of cut away guns as a learning tool. This is one of a bren gun I looked at while on one of my trips overseas.

IMG_0038cA close up of the receiver area

IMG_0039cA close up of the piston