Parts wanted and for Sale!

Looking for G-43 fire control parts. Hammer,trigger,sear. This is for one of the projects we are working on. A friend of Gun Lab has helped out with this. Thanks

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VG1-5 Preorder Now Available!

We are now taking reservations for out reproduction VG1-5 rifles! Price is $4000, and they will be ready to ship once ATF gives final approval on the design. The get on the priority list, contact Matt or Greg at Allegheny Arsenal – (814) 362-2642. No payment will be taken until the guns are ready to ship.


More VG1-5 updates

With the completion of the mechanical portions of the cnc router it the computer portions have been being worked on. The router original used a Mach 3 operating system with an older style break out board. We upgraded the computer systems and well as the mechanical systems and have a real issue ever since. Wally, a friend of gun lab, has been working on the issue. He has made some head way, but for every step forward he hits another issue. So while he fights his way through this we are back making the hand guards the manual way.

Starting with the sized wooden blocks and a drawing.


It is put on the manual mill and machined.


The final out come is the holes machined for the washer and the internals machined.


IMG_4161sFrom here it will go to the machining center to do the final shaping.

Another weekend has come and gone

A number of projects have been worked on this weekend. I took a number of pictures and videos but I just wanted to share this with you instead. The work for the weekend is done and my wife and I are setting on our patio enjoying this beautiful Arizona evening.

IMG_4154sI will try and make a post tomorrow.

Weekend update

This was a weekend of building and equipment repair. The air system went out on the Sharps machining center. So out with the old and a completely new regulator, filter and oiler went on.


The switch went out on the grinder, new switch time. To attach it to the pedestal, the previous owner used bolts with square nut. He attached the grinder to the plate and then another set of bolts to hold the plate to the stand. With everything rusted it took a little longer then I would have liked. So a new switch, new wiring and re-drilled and taped the holes for cap screws.




Not exciting , but things that have to be done.


Testing the Gerat 06 prototypes

I spent Saturday out at the shooting area testing the 3 Gerat 06 prototypes.

IMG_4044sThere is the standard to set the example by and that is the MP-44.

Starting at the top is the 2nd prototype.


2nd down is the STG 45


3rd down is the MP-44

4th is the 1st model prototype


5th down is the 3rd model prototype

IMG_4048csThe day was spent shooting the individual rifles to test for proper operation, functioning and handling. There were a couple of issues that were uncovered in one of the rifles. The problems will be address and fixed. There is still a great deal more testing to perform before the final style will be actually made into the 14 examples that we are going to make.

Here is a video of the shoot.

More work on the cnc router

The majority of the mechanical work on the router is completed. Now comes the aggravating part, and that is getting the computer to correctly operate it.

Wally, a friend of gun lab, just spent part of his Sunday helping to get it operational.

There are a number of issues that have to be addressed. Starting with windows 7 talking to Mach 4. That is the easy issue. Then getting Mach 4 to talk to the smooth step board. This is providing to be a little more aggravating. Then getting the smooth stepper to actually do what it is suppose to do with the drivers and switches.

This is Wally’s second attempt and I really think he now wishes he had not volunteered to help.

Today he made great strides toward getting things working. Here is the video of the router operating and running a basic program.

Back on the VG1-5

Started on the new fluting tool design. We have had some issues with the fluting of the chambers. Some of the issues have been narrowed down to our original tool design. To correct the flute issue we went back to the design. Starting with the thickness of the flutes and the length of the flutes, these were changed to closer match the original German design.

Here are some solid models showing the changes.

barrel flute assem

barrel flute assem1-w

barrel flute assem3w

barrel flute assem2-wWe are also trying a couple of different steels. The first is O-1.

IMG_3751sThe next is D-2

IMG_3750sStarting with the cnc turned blank.

IMG_3793sIt is set up in the mill and surfaced for the proper angle.


IMG_3795sWith the support and the angle block it is a great deal easier to machine the three sides.


IMG_3797sThe completed tool.

IMG_3792sThey are off to heat treat and should be back soon.


The forge

Most of this summer has been working on projects that have been hanging around and needed to be finished. We took in a number of outside jobs to pay the bills. The cash flow issue allowed only the projects that required no money to be accomplished. This lead to a number of items being completed that I really wanted to do. This is one of the projects. Getting the 3 burner forge running.

This story actually started long before this last summer. It started with wanting a forge to do some blacksmithing. A number of years ago I started to build a propane gas forge using a freon bottle and a home made gas burner.

DSC_6556sAfter making sure it was empty I removed the valve.

IMG_0298sIt was open up to allow for insulation and actually setting it up to be a forge.

IMG_0299sParts were machined for the nozzle and the adapter to the tank.

IMG_0301sThe adapter was welded on and the proper insulation added.



IMG_0304sEven a stand was built.

IMG_0308sHowever while I was waiting for the hardener to arrive this forge showed up. Actually I pulled it from a dumpster. It is a natural gas forge that uses a fan to provide air to the burner. Work stopped on the first forge as things do when life gets into the way. I thought I would convert this to propane, but again it was a time thing.

DSC_6546sI was ready to get back on the home made forge when this cute 3 burner forge showed up at my door.

DSC_2662sI obtain a regulator and hose and it was back to getting the forge up and running in the shop.

DSC_6550sExtra insulation was added and it was a go when….

DSC_6549sThis cute single burner forge showed up.


Then rick, a friend of gun lab wanted to know if I wanted this one.DSC_6528s



Being the scrounge that I an I said yes, It is at this point in the story that I must point out that my wife constantly reminds me that I have a problem. Taking it from natural gas to propane was next.

The piping removed.

DSC_6967sThe door was fixed.

DSC_6968sThe door still needs a covering of insulation.

DSC_6969sThe hole was plugged with insulation and just needs a sheet metal cap.

DSC_6970sNext will be the new burner hole and adapter.

At least now the three burner forge is up and running.

A quick video of it working.

Completed the anvil stand

The new anvil stand is finally finished. The wheel supports are some scrap steel that was sized to and then bored out and threaded for a 5/8 shoulder bolt


IMG_3857sThe wheels actually came from old floor jacks that I retrieved from a dumpster and then bored out the bolt size on my lathe.

IMG_3858sNow when I have to I can move the anvil out of the way easily.

A quick movie of drilling out the holes.

Shirley’s WalMart for metal

Due to the number and types of projects we work on here at Gun Lab a great deal of raw material is used. For those of you that build projects you understand the cost of material. For that reason not much is thrown out here. Generally most items can be used as is or re-purposed to something else. However, it can get out of hand quickly and easily. That happen here. I had a number of piles of steel and most of it was not accessible. My wife took it upon herself to clean and organize the steel piles into what is now known as Shirley’s WalMart for steel.





DSC_6956sThe ease of finding material has made a huge benefit in being able to start and complete projects.

A quick video of the metal yard.

Finishing up the new anvil stand

Another weekend has come and gone. A few house hold projects were completed and a couple of minor projects worked on. Most of the weekend was spent on writing reports for work. Friday night for 2 hours, Saturday for a couple of hours in the morning and then again that night for a couple of more hours. Then Sunday from 6am to 11 am to finally finish them all up.

The only exciting project that I was able to work on this weekend was the new anvil stand I am building.

Using the router table I built a while back I cut a radius on the posts to allow them to fit inside the angle iron supports.

IMG_3764sThe radius cutter for the operation.

IMG_3765sAfter welding everything up it was a challenge moving it.

IMG_3766sClose up of the new stand.

IMG_3767sAs it stands in the fab shop. It still needs to be sanded on the top.

IMG_3772sWith the anvil set up on it.

IMG_3774sThe final step for the base is to install wheels to allow easier moving