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We are now taking reservations for out reproduction VG1-5 rifles! Price is $4000, and they will be ready to ship once ATF gives final approval on the design. The get on the priority list, contact Matt or Greg at Allegheny Arsenal – (814) 362-2642. No payment will be taken until the guns are ready to ship.


Sunday answer 2-29-15

The pictures from Saturday.







This is a bolt carrier for a Farquhar-Hill rifle. This bolt is from a drum type rifle. Here are a few pictures of it.




IMG_0017sRear sight

IMG_0035sGas system

IMG_0036sFront of the drum

IMG_0688sTop of the drum. Notice no feed lips. That was in the receiver itself.



This is the magazine version of the Farquhar-Hill rifle.





What is it Saturday








Cut away weapons Dutch Mannlicher rifle

This post is on the bolt action Dutch Mannlicher rifle. Again I must apologize for the photograph. This was on the same trip trying to learn how to use the camera.



I am working at getting better taking pictures.

Weekend trip part 3, looking at gun rooms

While on the trip I wanted to look and photograph a few guns for up coming posts. The owners were nice enough to let me take pictures of their gun room and post them.  No address or names but some interesting weapons. I enjoy looking at gun rooms from the smallest to the largest. Some times it is not the guns but the rooms that are interesting and some time it is just about the guns. This first post is a room of a guy that likes everything and it is from him that I was able to borrow the rifles that I will be posting about next week. However, I think there will be a lot more interesting pictures and information coming from here.

This what you see walking into the room last the vault door.

DSC_4334sAs you look around the room you can something of interest in every corner.

DSC_4335sHeck of an original poster collection as well


DSC_4338sInto stainless.

DSC_4337sWho has 3 drillings

DSC_4344sShoulder stocked pistol that are all correct, nice set.


And books in every corner. More research to be do here.

New equipment for the shop, part 2 of the weekend trip

We went up and saw a friend that had an older tumbler that he wanted to get ride of and thought of me. At the shop all the de-buring work has been completed by hand, which if you do this type of work, is a long process. This unit is not a really large unit but big enough for the smaller parts that we make.

DSC_4385sI have it setting next to a large Dillon unit to show the comparison of size. It should make life a little easier.

weekend road trip first stop

My wife and I started a weekend trip to pick up a new piece of equipment for the machine shop and on the way there we did a quick stop at Reata Pass Auctions to look at the new items they had for the up coming auction.


This is not a normal type of post for me as Ian at forgotten weapons generally does auction posts. However there were a number of interesting items in the up coming auction that I thought would show you a few of them. It seems that a collector of WW2 rifles has decided to put his collection up for sale. There was a very good representation of French rifles, but the one that caught my attention  was a MAS 34. This is a Bethier converted to 7.5 French.

DSC_4298csA rifle that is not common at all.

Another military rifle that was interesting was the 98/40 with bayonet.


A close up to look at the markings.


One that caught mt attention was the pin fire pepper box pistol. I really like odd and unusual and this fits the bill.





And as I have a thing for the Martini-Henry rifle I was excited to see a target model of a small action 22lr rifle. This is a nice shooter piece.






The one I really would like to buy but have no money for is the miniature 22 Gatling gun.

DSC_4329csI think it matches my eyes, what do you think.

DSC_4331csIf you have a chance stop by and have a look, they are real nice people. There catalog is on line and with over 1000 weapons there is something to check out

A quick look at the flyer.



Sunday Answer 2-22-15 a day late

The bolt goes to a Cei-Rigotti rifleIMG_0791s



IMG_0788sI had the opportunity to study one close up.


And I got some great measurements. Never enough pictures or measurements.

IMG_0813sHere are pictures of the rifle.

IMG_0195cbolt removed.


Trigger mechanism

IMG_0786sLeft side view

IMG_0779sBottom view

IMG_0776sRight side view.

IMG_0772sA great view of the gas system

IMG_0752sA view of the top of the action.



End of another fun road trip

We just got home and I am tired so the post will be short tonight. The trip was good, I was able to pick up a new piece of needed equipment for the shop. In addition I borrowed a dozen rifles to write about,had a fun night, stopped by a site to photograph some interesting weapons and saw some great gun rooms. I will post Sundays answer tomorrow. Here is a picture of one of the weapons that I got to play with.

DSC_4286csMore tomorrow and for the rest of the week.

What is it Saturday 2-21-15

This is another tough one and this time it is Italian.






Interesting site

If you have not been to site you should drop in and check it out. He just finished a comparison on AR-180 bolts that is quite interesting and well worth the read.

I hope to be adding to his article as I will be sending him pictures of the SA-80, Leader and Bushmaster rifle bolts and bolt carriers.

I will also not be in the shop this weekend as I have to make a Arizona cross country trip. Not everything is work, just most things. I hope to be back early tomorrow afternoon.

One last note. A friend of mine in Germany was able to track down a book on the 7.92 kurtz cartridge that I have been looking for.


The last page so you can try and find it.


I tried to contact the author and publisher for a copy but never received a response.

Interesting picture on page 221

scan0003csThat would be me shooting the 05.

While the book is written in German it still has a great deal of useful information and pictures. Maybe one day it will be in English.