Parts wanted and for Sale!

Looking for G-43 fire control parts. Hammer,trigger,sear. This is for one of the projects we are working on. A friend of Gun Lab has helped out with this. Thanks

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VG1-5 Preorder Now Available!

We are now taking reservations for out reproduction VG1-5 rifles! Price is $4000, and they will be ready to ship once ATF gives final approval on the design. The get on the priority list, contact Matt or Greg at Allegheny Arsenal – (814) 362-2642. No payment will be taken until the guns are ready to ship.


Interesting single shot pistol

Once again Axel , a friend of gun lab, has found another interesting and unusual weapon. This time it is a single shot 6mm pistol. I just wish it was available here in the states. It is the Pistolet Le Moustic.


5794946.965081822An interesting design



5794946.996891298Single shot lifting breach pistol

5794946.431217757Over all size


872_004They even had a holster design for it.


872_001I would really like to study this one closer.

Another great site to check out

If you have an opportunity you should take a side trip over to

Firearms History, Technology & Development.

His site address is this is great site. Generally he only posts a couple of times a month but when he does they are well thought out and very informative. It is well worth the trip and check out his archives. Expect to spend some time there.

Battery gun

I have been going and looking at firearms in England for over 20 years.  One that I always go back and look at time and time again is a battery gun. Not your normal single row of barrels type battery gun. No this weapon is made up of two rows of different caliber revolvers.

This is what you would face crossing that bridge.

IMG_0824sEach. row of weapons is controlled by a single crank handle

IMG_0819sWith spare cylinders the rate of fire could be kept up.


IMG_0814sNow on to the nuts and bolts of this weapon system. In this picture you can see how the front of the cylinders set in the frame.

IMG_0834sA view of the frame with out the cylinder. A very basic design.

IMG_0912sA close up of the frame

IMG_0914sThe cylinder release lever and crank rod

IMG_0913sThe frame it self is not that large

IMG_0807sA close up of the operating gear

IMG_0888sLooking at the front barrel support

IMG_0909sclose up of the front barrel support

IMG_0902sRear of the large cylinder

IMG_0862sfront of the smaller cylinder

IMG_0859sRear of the smaller cylinder

IMG_0854csfront of the smaller cylinder

IMG_0855sThis would be a great home build project.

A quick video of the battery gun.

22 caliber boy’s rifle

I dropped by a friends house today between jobs and he had a pie of boy’s rifles that he was going through. The majority of them were single shot dropping blocks or rolling block rifles and I find those interesting, however there was one that had been gone over by someone to make what I would call a custom rifle for a child. Here are a few pictures of the rifle in question. It is a J.C.Higgins model 103,18 in 22 cal. The rifle itself has no great vale and even after being worked over it now has less value, but still interesting.

You can see that a new stock has been made for it and a new trigger guard has been fashioned for it.

IMG_0682sA close up of the stock. Not even sure what type of wood was used.

IMG_0683sBut the fit is correct so someone took the time to make it correctly


IMG_0686sThe interesting part is the trigger guard. An old spoon or fork handle was used to make it. To make it fancy.

IMG_0684sAs I looked at it all that crossed my mind is that someone went to some trouble to make this. To me it is interesting, I just think of some guy or gal doing this for his or her daughter.

Interesting Gun Making Videos

I came across this series of videos by accident. The project is not complete yet, but it is turning into a very nice piece of art. Check it out.

Part one of the series.


Part 2 of the series.

Part 2b of the series.


Part 3 of the series

I am looking forward to the next video.

Weekend update for 1-24-16

This is the run down of the fun and excitement that went on this last weekend.

We are testing out a new ejector design for the VG1-5. The original design that we used started to experience problems after several hundred rounds. The newer one will be a little more robust and a slightly better design. It needs to work with a variety of magazine manufactures as well as our own magazine. So testing was conducted on the bench first and when we think we have all the bugs worked out it will be off to the test fixture.

IMG_0673sI have not been able to solve the wire edm problem on my own. So now it is time to send it to the factory to be tested and repaired as necessary. I removed the monitor and it’s circuit board, packaged them up and sent them off to Mcwilliams to check it out.



I would really like to find away to change it out to a flat screen, but no luck yet with that idea.

The new circuity for the cnc router has come in and I have started working on the new layout for the control circuit.

IMG_0676sThis set up comes from Smooth Stepper ( With the help of my friend Orin I hope to have the basic wiring completed this next weekend.

I also got back onto the kitchen project and finished the molding for the cabinets.

IMG_0669sThen I started on the tiling.



I am also making a parts box for the Hotchkiss portative. I wanted something on the line of a British design Vickers or Lewis box. I have finished about 1/2 of it is solid works and actually cut and planed the first two wood pieces. As the wood is coming from old pallets it took a little time.

Enough for one weekend and it’s back to work for the week.

Great article at Rifleshooter

I was just over at one of the sites that I try and get to daily and he posted a very good article on

“Turning a sporter contour rifle barrel from a blank”

If you have not been to the rifleshooter site you are missing some great stuff. This is his post, you should check it out.

VG1-5 update 1-23

This is a quick update on the progress of the VG1-5 project.

All the bolts back from heat treat

DSC_7877sAll the hammers back from heat treat

DSC_7878sMagazine pressings for both the right and left sides of the magazine complete, next is to mill of the excess.

DSC_7879sWeld up the fire control box

DSC_7882sSpot welded the rear stock supports and tack in the rear barrel support cross pin.

DSC_7883sComplete the welding of the cross pin.

DSC_7904sPerforming the next two ops on the barrel


DSC_7880sWe have started chambering the barrels. The next step is to cut in the threads.

DSC_7905sUpdate video.

Pictures for the Shot Show update.

Everyone looks at different things when you are at the Shot Show. This is some of the items that caught my wife’s attention.

This display was at the NRA exhibit.

IMG_0865sA quick video of a couple of items at the show.

Some of the weapons that she looked at.




IMG_0885sA stop by Bond Arms.


IMG_0930sAnd the engraver in the booth next to them.


IMG_0890sAs we have a shop and a Sharps machining center in it she stopped by to check out the latest and greatest.

IMG_0928sShe also contacted a couple of parts manufactures for me while there.

IMG_0929sSuppressors, it just makes shooting more fun.


IMG_0958sShe say’s it looks like Johnny 5 from the movies.

IMG_0965sThe new Taurus cuvrve.

IMG_0955sJust cool

IMG_0967sA quick stop by Remington and was amazed at all the companies that had acquired.

IMG_0971sWhat happen to Tapco. This was the entire display.

IMG_0978sLoved the paw prints.

IMG_0992csNow on to what she really wanted.



IMG_0987sThe complete set of course.

IMG_0984sIt will Not be on next years Christmas list

IMG_0985sThe end of a hard day at the Shot Show. The work is never over.



Shot Show update

It is that time of the year that everyone has gone to the Shot Show to meet friends, look at the newest product and make deals. All the gun blogs are taking about what is new and interesting at the show and who is making what. Well I did not get the opportunity to go this year, instead my wife and a girl friend of hers went. I will have the full report in tomorrows post when she gets back of what she looked at and what was interesting to her. This is just a quick run down based upon my findings many miles away.

First I have been going to the show shot off and on for almost 3 decades now and for those of you that have not been there there are a lot of after show parties. These are events where you get to meet and mingle with designers, buyers, sellers and the people in the know. There are also a lot of meeting for drinks at the bar and dinner get together to discuss what ever . I know this because generally I am told about it the next day. Well this year I have it for fact. Not that I went to any of them but my wife and Chris, her friend, were invited and went to a number of them. In addition she had photo ops with everyone.

I am not sure what this means, but maybe next year I might get invited if I go with her.

Pictures tomorrow