VG1-5 Preorder Now Available!

We are now taking reservations for out reproduction VG1-5 rifles! Price is $4000, and they will be ready to ship once ATF gives final approval on the design. The get on the priority list, contact Matt or Greg at Allegheny Arsenal – (814) 362-2642. No payment will be taken until the guns are ready to ship.


Update on the cnc router

In a past post you were shown a solid model picture of what the new base would look like.router table2

router table1

You were also shown a picture of the parts being milled to correct size.


Here are a few pictures of the parts after they were cut and tapped.

DSC_5836sThese are the legs and cross members.

DSC_5837sThis is how it currently looks put together.


DSC_5840sThe plastic covers for the computer section will be in tomorrow and will be installed.

DSC_5839sThe supports are made and will be installed soon.

DSC_5815sMore to come.

Week end update 6-29

It was an interesting weekend as are all weekends around here. I finished filling in the trench for the new communications lines to the shop. With the cat5 water proof wire coming in I should have this project finished next weekend.

The filled trench that I still need to compact. DSC_5825sThe water proof wiring.



With the pressure washer now operating I was able to clean out the inside of the coolant tank. A leak was found by the drain valve so it was loaded on to the truck and will be taken to the weld shop to be repaired.

The leaking drain valveDSC_5819sIn the truck ready to go to the weld shop




The wiring has been run for my wife’s office A/C unit.


I made parts for the AR-180B project, trying to get everything off the machines. I have a video to post on that later in the week.

All the AR-180B bolt hold opens are machined. I will bend them this week and then off to heat treat.DSC_5832s

And last but not least. Tub after tub of parts were de-burred. I still have more VG1-5 parts to finish de-burring.

FG42 first model rear sight bases

DSC_5830sVG1-5 rear sights

DSC_5829sVG1-5 trigger guards

DSC_5828sVG1-5 parts and AR-180B parts


Upgrading the cnc router

While messing around with the cnc router a number of problems were noted. Part of this last week and into next week we are correcting these problems and upgrading the router.

First on the list is a new table for the router. The original one has so much movement that we actually have chatter marks on the wood that we cut. This is the old table. A genuine work of art. The legs were made of box aluminum with the cross pieces from old aluminum sliding door frames.DSC_4596s




This is the new design for the table using 80/20 extrusions.

router table2

router table1The legs are being sized to the proper length.

DSC_5814sNew table supports for the router to the table are made.


In addition to the frame it was noted that when we measured the cut that we made to what was drawn and programed we had some differences. It was obvious that the stepper motors were not programed correctly. The third item was the rats nest for the wiring and the improper positioning for the controllers.

This is how the computer and controller set now. With the shortage of room in the wood shop they are being moved to the bottom of the new frame in an dust free inclosure.

DSC_3154sAll the wiring is being corrected and the controller is being installed under the new frame and being mounted correctly.



More to come on  the cnc router.


The weekend update for 6-21-15

Most of last weekend we have chatted about. The time spent messing about with the CNC router and the wire edm has been covered. This was the rest of the weekend.

I was able to get the vibrating tumbler up and running. Load after load was run through. With the stones still sharp and new I was able to process hundreds of parts and get them completely de-burred.


The next project that was started a few weeks ago is the new trench for the comm lines to the shop. This one took a slight set back. I really lost my spunk for hand digging any more trench and now that it was determined that the conduit under the house was toast I needed to go a different route. A friend on mine owns a trencher and offered to use it to cut a new trench. Great idea but still problems to deal with. To begin with my other business is a utility locating business. So all the utilities were marked out in advance. Power,water and the new line we had just put in. The trencher was brought down after I went to work and off he went at it. My wife call just after he took out 10 feet of the new line and was heading for the main power feed to the shop. I got her to stop him before things went really bad. So this is now the new trench and if I had to dig up so much of what we already put in I decided to add an additional 1″ conduit as well.

DSC_5795sStill working on burying it and will finish as soon as the next load of sand gets here.

More time on the cnc router

This last weekend I spent more time with the cnc router and there are a few things that need to be corrected. Here is a video of it in operation to start with.

The first problem is the vibration due to the poor design of the base that the router sets on. This is being corrected with a custom made base. I am using 80/20 aluminum to make a new base and upper housing to support the router and inclose it. The inclosure will assist in dust/saw dust collection.

Material on hand for the new base.




The second problem is the design of the Z axis. It does not go low enough to allow machining at table level. We are correcting this my making a completely new Z set up.

DSC_5801sThe old router holder. It had a number of problems, from not enough Z to poor alignment.

DSC_5804sIn the process of making a new one.

DSC_5807sStay tune for more on the CNC router.

More time with the Japax wire EDM

Today we are going to write a basic program for the Japax wire EDM and run that program on the machine. This will be a dry run only to verify that the machine can perform the program as written.

To give everyone a little back ground this machine uses what is call G-code to perform its functions. Here are the sheets of G-code that pertain to the Japax wire EDM.



JAPT 3F INSTRUCTION MANUAL_Page_61_smallThese are the M-code required to operate this machine.


This first sheet is how the program is written in the manual.

JAPT 3F INSTRUCTION MANUAL_Page_68sThere are a couple of problems with this program. The first is no program number, not a big deal but life is easier with it. The second is that the program does not call out a G-code to determine if the part is metric or inch. This is a big deal as there is a large difference between 20mm and 20 inches in travel.

So the proper program would be written as such.

N123 (This is the program number. It is not necessary but a good idea.
N1 G21 (This lets the machine know that the measurement are in metric) ( The decimal point behind a number also indicates that the move is to be completed in metric)
N2 G90 E.1 D1 (This tells the edm that all measurements are in absolute and not incremental. The E.1 is the wire compensation as registered in D1)
N3 G92 X0Y10.0 (This is the X and Y start point. It is where it is to start at and based upon G92 as the part coordinate.
N4 G42 G1 X0 Y20. D0 (the G42 is wire compensation to the right side,G1 lets it know to travel in a straight line from X0 to Y20.
This is an important note. All measurement unit with a number in it must be followed by a decimal point.
N5 X10.Y20. D1 (Because the last G code told it to travel in a straight line we are still telling it to do that just this time we are going from X0Y20 to X10Y20) The D1 call up the wire comp that we stored earlier.)
N6 X10. Y0 (the wire is still following a straight line)
N7 X-10. Y0 (still moving in a straight line with a change in direction)
N8 X-10. Y20. ( straight line change of direction)
N9 X0 Y20. ( the wire is still on a straight path and still using the wire comp set in N5)
N10 X0 Y10. D0 (Straight path with no wire comp, it was turn off with the D0)
N11 G91 E-.1 D1 G90 ( We now go to incremental movement, a wire comp of -.1 is taken from D1 and the G90 puts us back into absolute)
N12 G27 P5 Q12 R1 ( The G27 code means to copy The P is the start point the Q is the ending point and the R is the number of times to repeat the process)
N13 M02 ( program ends)

There is another method also to input measurements in metric. If you write the measurement code as X10 Y5 this tells the machine to move in inches. If the same code is written as X10. Y5. this tells the machine to move in metric.

There are a couple of items that are important to discuss at this time.

First is that “I” has to be typed prior to any input, then the store button is pushed to input the data. So an actual line of code would be written as :

I N3 G92 X0 Y10.0 (inch) then press the STORE button

I N3 G92 X0. Y10.0. (metric) then press the store button

There are a couple of other important letters that are used to input data.

P : this is to correct a line of code that has the >marker

D: This will delete the line of code that has the > marker

R: This will replace a work in a line of code with another work. A space must be used between the old word and a new word

/  then pushing the store button returns you to the select display screen

This is a video of the machine operating using this program.


If anyone out there has experience with a Japax wire EDM I would like to chat with you.




AR-180B bolt hold open device

This week we started on the bolt hold open device. These are the steps necessary to make this part.

This is how the part comes from the laser cutter. We leave the pivot hole small to allow us to ream it to size. We also add material to the pointed radius to all us to machine it to size as it is very easy for the tip to be burnt off during laser cutting.

DSC_5728csIt is set up in the machining center to machine these two parts.

DSC_5792csOnce out of the machining center we start the bending process. You can see the two reference point to allow a accurate and complete first bend.

DSC_5763csThey are bolted together so nothing moves out of place

DSC_5765csThe upper press fixture is put into place.

DSC_5769csThe first bend is pressed

DSC_5773csThe first press is complete and a second press will be performed to tighten up the bend radius and make the second bend.

DSC_5774csSet up for the second press

DSC_5776csNext fixture is added

DSC_5778csFinish pressing

DSC_5781csCompleted bolt hold open.

DSC_5784csStart and finish of the pressing

DSC_5787csOurs vs. the original

DSC_5786csFits the rifle like it was made to.

DSC_5789csAnother picture of it in the rifle.






We have the okay from ATFE. The rifle has been approved. Production starts Monday. More to come.

Gun Lab update

No posts for the last couple of days. Sorry about that but with the temperature hovering around 112 and working outside from 5:30 am until 7 or 8pm I am just out of steam.

Here are the updates though. The bending and stamping die for the AR-180B bolt hold open device in just about complete and we will be working on that this weekend. I have to finish hand tapping the safety shaft then it will be off to heat treat after that.

I have been spending a great deal of time drawing up parts in solid works to run on the cnc router. I am drawing up some basic patterns to machine for use in the casting shop, killing two birds with one stone.

Starting with a simple pattern.

platenTo what is a complex part to machine and cast. This piece in the next two pictures has a complex curve between the two columns.

compound curve1_2

compound curve1To a two piece pattern.

Assem1I was able to write and run a program in dry run on the wire edm. Still working on cleaning the tank and flushing out the system, more to be accomplished on this this weekend.

AR-180B bolt hold open and safety spring

In a previous post comments Alex asked about the spring that the bolt hold open device uses. He wanted to know if we were going to make them. The answer is yes and here are a few pictures of them.

The spring on the right is an original while the one on the left is how we receive them from the spring company.

DSC_5684sWe ordered enough for the number of parts sets we are going to make.

DSC_5762sWe are currently working on a bending die and will have it complete this week.