Monday update 10-20

This is just a quick post in that we are home after a grueling 16 hour drive. I will have a complete after action report of our 10 trip looking at guns and talking to heat treating specialist and metallurgists. We had a great time and visited some old friends and made some new ones on the trip. I will work on the trip overview to night and will start on the posts of what was learned for the rest of the weeks posts. It is go to be back home and now off to work.

Tuesday shop pictures

What a shop to work in. And to think that the people that work in my shop complain about the working conditions.







tumblr_ndevi1OI1R1qdzr9to1_1280I just don’t want to hear about the benches not being the right height or that we need a new cnc machine.

Monday update 10-13

Sorry for the lack of posting, however I have an excuse. I have been having to much fun visiting friends, taking pictures to post, looking at guns and learning about metals and heat treating. I have a pile of pictures for you, some great information on metals and a couple of interesting interviews. Now on to the rest of my trip. I will be posting everything when I get home as for now I an just having way to much fun. Tomorrow it is off to Ohio Ordnance, to look at some fun stuff.

What is it Saturday October 11





Video Friday October 10

This is another great video showing gun manufacturing from the early 1900′s.

Wednesday update

Not much today on a road trip will post tonight.

Shop Tuesday 10-8 fluting machine

We are working on all the components for the barrel fluting machine. This is the Master Cam video for the making of the lower base. This part allows the chuck plate to move in and out. This allows us to load and unload the barrels from the chuck.

This part has now been machined.

DSC_0237_sI will have a video of the machining process soon.

Working on the fluting press

This video is the first op on the back plate of the barrel fluting machine. In this video we are drilling and reaming the hole necessary to hold the plate to the table of the milling machine and align the plate for the next op. This will allow us to remove the exterior clamps and drill and ream all the holes necessary to attach all the components. Due to the size of the back plate the machining will be accomplished in phases.  The lower section will be machined then the plate will be moved down and the upper section will be machined. This is not the most exciting video but one that allows us to accomplish a project using the equipment we have on hand. The other thing to keep in mind is the speed and rigidity of the machine. The max speed is aprox 2500 rpm vs the HAAS which will run at 12,000 rpm. The feed rate is also much less. So what would take the HAAS just minutes to accomplish will that this little cnc mill hours to finish.

hope you enjoy the video.

High speed photo’s

This is just a great series of photo’s from a high speed camera on the M-1 Garand.

Sunday answer for 10-5

The item on Saturday’s post.


DSC_0042_s Is a 22lr cartridge adapter for a MAS 36 training rifle. This is as it looks next to a 22lr cartridge.

DSC_0259_sThis is with the 22lr cartridge in the adapter.

DSC_0260_sNext to the rifle.

DSC_0261_sIn the magazine of the rifle.

DSC_0268_sYou can see the special feed ramp for this caliber in the follower.

DSC_0272_swHere are a few pictures from Jean Huon’s book “Les Fusils Francais A Verrou” showing the cut away of the adapter and a black and white photo of the adapter.


spencer0001scIf you don’t have Jean Huon series of books you should get them. Even if can not read French the pictures are well worth the price.