Parts wanted and for Sale!

Looking for G-43 fire control parts. Hammer,trigger,sear. This is for one of the projects we are working on. A friend of Gun Lab has helped out with this. Thanks

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VG1-5 Preorder Now Available!

We are now taking reservations for out reproduction VG1-5 rifles! Price is $4000, and they will be ready to ship once ATF gives final approval on the design. The get on the priority list, contact Matt or Greg at Allegheny Arsenal – (814) 362-2642. No payment will be taken until the guns are ready to ship.


VG1-5 update Barrels

We have started with the first few operations on the VG1-5 barrel. When we started we were going to use the cnc lathe exclusively, but with the length of the barrel and no steady rest on the cnc lathe we had way to much chatter. So another change of plans was in order. The steps are now as follows.

Starting with a MG-13 barrel.DSC_7455csWe cut it to the closer length needed on the rifle.

DSC_7462csThen the next step is to turn it between centers to give us a spot to use the steady rest.

DSC_7459csNow with this spot machined we can use the steady rest and support the front of the barrel with a live center and turn the front of the barrel to the correct diameter.DSC_7453s



This completes this series of barrel operations on the manual lathe.

DSC_7452sFrom here we will go to the cnc lathe.

Just a quick video of the barrel on the manual lathe.







Another interesting gunsmithing site

I was doing research on rust bluing for a up coming project that I need t finish when I came across this site. It is not a how to site per say but there is a great deal of interesting information there.

Stock making and rust bluing are two topics that he touches on that are very interesting.

Japanese type 1 paratrooper rifle

A friend of Gun Lab just obtain a Japanese type 1 paratrooper rifle and was nice enough to send pictures to share with everyone.

A little history on the type 1 is in order first.

This rifle  was developed in 1941. It was a basic modification to the type 38 carbine. To accomplish this modification the stock was cut behind the trigger guard at the wrist location. A large metal hinge was added  with a corresponding latch on the opposite side of the stock. This allowed the buttstock to be folded so that it could be transported on the solders jump pack.

The type was a limited rifle fabricated for experimental use only. It is estimated that only 200-300 pieces were made.  There are no characters or numbers noted on any of the type 1’s indicating the modification.

Now to the pictures.

Right and left views with the stock open and closed.





IMG_6608csclose up view of the latch. Unlocked and locked.


IMG_6599csTop view of the receiver.

IMG_6597csNice mum.


IMG_6596csMore close up pictures of the latch and hinge.





It is a rifle I would like to own and one of only two missing from my Japanese collection. I thank Greg for sharing.

Home made single shot pistol

I am kind of a sucker for single shot pistols and have posted a few on this site. I am also have an interest in home made guns, other gunsmith sites and video’s on making guns. So this post will cover all these topics at one time.

He has come up with an interesting design and a series of videos to build it.

rat 1There are a couple of solid model  mock ups to let you see how it all works

rat 2

rat 3Now on to the series of video’s.

You can see the rest of his series at his very interesting web page.

I like the design so much that when I have an opportunity I am going to build one to add to my single shot/home made gun collection.


More on the Kitchen

Saturday was spent working on the kitchen as well as a few other projects. Trying to get it operational by Christmas, trying. We will see. Today’s results allow use to set and start the top at least on the opposite wall.

This first picture is after the cabinets were attached to the wall and the frame built for the desk area.DSC_7244s

DSC_7245sThe stove cabinet has been rebuilt.

DSC_7246sThe 3/4 plywood for the base of the counter top is securely attached to the cabinets and desk area.


DSC_7247sAnother fun day.

Making the Sharpes rifle

In my usual time of relaxing and surfing the internet I came across some interesting video’s on the making of the Sharps rifle.

The first is the machining of the receiver.

The next video is making the stock.

This is the barrel making video.

This last video deals with the finish that is applied to the rifle.

I enjoy video’s dealing with gun making. I dope you do as well.

Kitchen up date

When we last looked at the partial remodeled kitchen we had just brought in the recycled cabinets that I obtained from a house demo.


From there I have taken all the fronts off and sent them to a company that will strip and refinish them to the color of the other cabinets.



The problem is that there were still no corner lower cabinets. A little time on solid works and I design the new corner units.

kitchen corner cabinetThe weekend was then spent getting them cut and made. Only one was finished, but all the components were cut for the other.

DSC_7224s The plan is to have the kitchen completed by Christmas.

Sunday computer update

I have been a little remorse in backing up my lab top computer and downloading piles of paper work that needs filing. So a portion of this weekend was slated for that.

There are numerous dvd’s to down load on to the back up hard drive.

DSC_7192sBoxes of drawings and data to down load.


DSC_7194sEngineering prints to go through.

DSC_7195sAnd some old duplicate copies to take apart and scan.

DSC_7226sNot my idea of fun but it needs to be done.


MG-42/ MG-3 cut away

It has been a while since I put up an interesting cut away weapon. Today we are going to bring you a cut away of the MG-42/MG-3 general purpose machine gun.

First a parts diagram of the MG42/MG3.

Взрыв-схема MG-42This is a factory cut away 082cs
























Backhoe update or what have I been doing lately

When we last left our well used and over worked really old Ford backhoe we were getting diesel fuel in the oil sump. That was a while back and with no money or time to fix it it just seat there. A program was started to repair it and it is used with great regularity around gun lab to do everything.

There were and still are a number of problems with it but they are getting fixed.

The first items we tackled were the leaking cylinders on the boom. All three of the cylinders were leaking so bad. Every one had to be removed and rebuilt.

DSC_4553sAfter the cylinders were rebuilt and brought back the real fun began.

DSC_4705sNew pistons were required, the cylinders re-built and the  ends welded back on. New bushings were made here and installed.


DSC_4709sThen installed on the old girl.

DSC_7217sNext the fuel pump and ejectors were removed and re-built and then re-installed. At the same time this was going on we changed the oil, oil and air filters, all the fuel filters and fixed a few leaks.




The last item on this repair run was a new battery. It is now back to work for the old gal until their is money to re-build the control valves and replace the older hoses.DSC_7219s



But that is for another weekend.