Shirley’s Birthday present

Our friend Axel made a table for Shirley to go on the new veranda that we have been working on. To go with the major theme of Gun Lab he made it from some of the Mauser rifles that we have a surplus of.

Starting with three of the Mauser rifles the first step was […]

A Mauser project

With all the Mauser rifles that I picked up something needed to be done with them. I gave a couple to a friend of mine to do some playing around with. At the same time he asked for a couple of single stack AK magazines.

This is his project: Starting with one of the old, […]

The Mauser project at Gun Lab

It has been a while since my last post ,but as always we have been busy. About 4 weeks ago I obtain a large number of old rusty Mauser rifles, mostly from China but a number of European ones as well. It took two weekends to pick them all up.

How they were stored.


Portuguese Mauser

At the last SAR show I was finally able to pick up a Mauser rifle that I have been looking for for over 30 years. When they were available I had no money and you know the rest of the story.

This rifle is a Model 1941 short rifle with a transitional stock. It uses […]

Cut Away Mauser

Rod Henrickson, a friend of gun lab, was nice enough to send me a few pictures of a cut away Mauser rifle that he made. As everyone knows I have a thing for cut away weapons and i really appreciate the work that Rod put into making his.

He really did a very nice job […]

WW1 Trench magazines


I was reading on of my favorite go to sites a while back and saw this short write up he did on trench magazines.

This is the link to the short write up that was done at.

I thought I would add some to his post.

This is a GEW98 Mauser with an […]

The book “Fabricacion De Fusiles”

A while back I was able to obtain a few books that I did not have in the reference library. I have a thing about not only gun books but also machining and manufacturing books. So what could be better then a book about manufacturing guns. This book was written in 1899 and is about […]