Machine gun shoot 11-30

With the SAR show coming up we have a group of people staying at the house. So the Wednesday prior to the show a couple of us put on a small machine gun shoot, just to have some fun. Some of these shoots have ended up being a couple of hundred people in attendance. This […]

Answers to the post of 11-29

The first question that would needed to be answered is what do all these parts have in common. That answer would be up coming projects at Gun Lab.

The Cetme, H&K, 05 , G-41 G-43 and 03 pictures is for the 05 project we are working on. The fire control group is changing to be […]

MG-42/ MG-3 cut away

It has been a while since I put up an interesting cut away weapon. Today we are going to bring you a cut away of the MG-42/MG-3 general purpose machine gun.

First a parts diagram of the MG42/MG3.

This is a factory cut away


Sunday Answer 1-18-15

This is the bolt and bolt carrier for the Cetme model L.

It is part of the kit that I received from Apex gun parts.

I also bought some of there magazines.

It is a interesting looking gun and one that I am looking forward to build in the future.