Update on the VG1-5 lower receiver welding

The welding on the lower receiver is now complete. This is the video on that update.

Now for some pictures showing close ups of the work performed.

A side view of the lower receiver

A top view of the receiver

The rear stock supports is first spot welded in place. However, due to […]

Installing the magazine well on the VG1-5

The last two video’s showed spot welding and the first op machining for the VG1-5 lower receiver. With this video we are installing the magazine housing into the receiver. Once again there is a certain amount of hand fitting.

A close up of the fixture.

The batch ready for the next step.


VG1-5 update

This last 2 weeks has been spent working on the lower receiver of the VG1-5. This weapon was originally design by the Germans to use the most basic of materials and machined tools. There was a very large amount of hand fitting during the process of making this rifle. All the sheet metal that was […]

Weekend update 5-31-15

Now as much to chat about this weekend. Spent most of Saturday machining the AR-180B selector second op. The second op is now complete and we will be setting up the Sharps for the third op. The material and tooling is in to start on the safety shaft on the lathe then the pivot button […]

Modifying the spot welder


This is my first water cooled spot welder in the shop. We have used it with good success in the projects that we do here at Gun Lab. However, we needed to make a few modifications to it to allow use to use it more efficiently.


We removed the old lower bar and […]

The new spot welder in the shop

I went to an auction a few weeks back and bought a series 30 spot welded that the company had taken off the line.

I have not had much time to play with it so this weekend it was on the project list. I wired the shop for the spot welder a few […]