EM-2 30-06 rifle

During the time period that the EM-2 was design it was made in a variety of calibers. These calibers ranged from the original caliber of .280 to the NATO standard of 7.62×51 through 30/06. This post is dealing with the 30/06 rifle. Basically what they did was to cut and weld a 7.62×51 rifle to convert it to 30/06 as a trials weapon. This is the only one that I know of and it makes for an interesting study in cartridge conversion.


This is a full view of the rifle showing the total amount of work required to do this conversion.





A close up of the welding required to complete the conversion to the receiver and magazine.



The other side.




This picture is from the book EM-2 concept and design published by Collector Grade Publications, a must have book in any gun library. It shows the different lengths of bolts in the three calibers.

30-06 boltcsA great deal of work, but an interesting project.

2 comments to EM-2 30-06 rifle

  • Bill

    My first though was “my God a government reweld”. But after I looked more closely I can see that the welded parts are not high stress parts.

  • I’ve handled this particular EM-2 and the welds are in stark contrast to the beautiful machining of the rest of the gun. Having seen the recoil of the 7.62×51 EM-2 I can imagine the .30-06! But I’d still bet the muzzle rise was controllable.

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