Still working on the Front Barrel Support

We have continued with the front barrel support. The first three ops have been completed and now we are starting on op 4.

IMG_0361This picture shows what op 2 and 3 look like when completed.


This op is being completed on the small lathe with the new dro’s installed. The first step is to mill out the bottom of the larger hole to provide a flat surface for the spring.

IMG_0362sAs you can see in this picture I am using the end mill to one side and on direct on. I am not trying to open the hole just flatting the bottom of the hole.


Once completed we use a boring tool to open the hole to .006″ undersize then finish with a reamer.


IMG_0375sWhen all of the front barrel supports are completed we will be back on the cnc lathe to complete op 5 and 6. Hoping to be completed with that by the end of next week.

I hope you enjoyed this update and stay tune as we progress.

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