VG1-5 front barrel support

Here is the front barrel support. This part accomplishes a few objects. It supports the front of the barrel, is the guide for the recoil spring, acts as a seal for the escaping gas and locks the upper receiver together. So while a simple part to make the tolerances have to be maintained. This is a picture and solid model of the part.

R001-005 Front barrel bushing1

R001-005 Front barrel bushing2




There were two of these made and different methods were used to do it. The final method is the one that we will use when we cnc machine them for a production run. I must apologize in that I did not take a great deal of pictures while making this part. The time constraints required that it be made in a hurry to take this project to the next step.

The first method was to turn the out side to the proper dimensions then cut it off and bore and ream the inside.



IMG_0003sNow all this was completed using dial indicators. The dro has not been installed yet.



While this method worked the concentricity was a little out, but still with in spec. So a different method was used the second time around. With this one I bored and reamed the inside of the part to the desire dimensions and then turn the out side between centers to. This allowed the inside and outside to concentric.

IMG_0019sAfter the part was machined it was then knurled and the front cut at an angle.



the final step is to cut out the locking groves. This was accomplished with a rotary table.

milling front barrel support 5 s

milling front barrel support 1 s

milling front barrel support 3 s

milling front barrel support 8 sNow this is the final test part.

IMG_0015swHope you enjoyed this post. I am a little behind on post, but up to speed on the project. In the last 2 weeks two test ( for function) barrels have been made as well as the gas piston. The rear top cover tooling has been made and  fitted. The trigger guard and safety attached. It is starting to look like a rifle. There is more to post so please stay tuned.

8 comments to VG1-5 front barrel support

  • John D.

    Do you think the Germans made this part from seamless tube in the original rifle? The German petroleum industry collapsed in 1944, freeing up a lot of seamless steel tube capacity while steel bar stock shortages plagued the German arms industry from 1943 on and became acute with the loss of steel works in Poland during 1944. There is a lot of correspondence from the arms industry to the various German arms procurement offices declaring insufficient steel bar allocations.

    • Chuck

      We looked at using seamless tubing. The problem is the different diameters both inside and out would require just as much machining and cost more for the material. I think they just went for available round stock of what ever material was available.

      • John D.

        Standard seamless tube sizes changed after WW II as wrecked Pilger Mills across Europe were replaced under the Marshall plan. U.S. dimensioning dominated and still does because the petroleum industry (the major seamless tube consumer) is pretty much a U.S. dominated affair.

        Wasn’t suggesting you use seamless tubing, just personal curiosity about German adaptation to various steel shortages from 1943 on. I have handled a VG.1-5, but was not allowed to take it apart. Looking at all the German last ditch weapons, it appears they had pretty good supplies of sheet steel right up to the end, but almost every other steel product was exhausted by the end of 1944.

  • Samuel Suggs

    I am good with the slow inconsitent pace between different steps just get it done get it done right and then make a nice long post about it with lots of detail and I am more than happy.

  • bnz

    I am from austria.sorry my english is bad.I would ask for some vg 1-5. I would be very grateful if you would write me a mail so we can talk about it. I admire your project.

  • ecox762

    The front barrel supports look very good. There is quite a bit of machining that has gone in to these. I am most impressed. I am sure it is even tighter tolerances than anything that ever came out of the German factories. Cant wait to hold one in my hand.

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