Working on the safety shaft for the AR-180B

Sorry for the late post today. When I finally got home last night I went to the shop to work on the shaft for the AR-180B safety and did not finish until late. This is a quick master cam video on the process to do the first op on the shaft.

Here is the […]

Weekend update 5-31-15

Now as much to chat about this weekend. Spent most of Saturday machining the AR-180B selector second op. The second op is now complete and we will be setting up the Sharps for the third op. The material and tooling is in to start on the safety shaft on the lathe then the pivot button […]

Op 2 on the AR-180B selector lever

Saturday I spent most of the day finishing up the second op on the selector lever. Here is a run down of that operation.

Starting with the finished op one part.

A special set of aluminum jaws were machined to hold the selector levers.

With the jaws finished and the parts installed this is […]

Making parts for the AR-180B

We were down to see our friend Rick at a while back and over the last few weeks during conversation he was interested in if we could make a few AR-180B parts. Why not that’s what we do. So while we are waiting for ATFE approval on the VG1-5 and the machines are kind […]

Sunday Answer 5-17-15

The pictures from yesterday’s post.

Are from a AR-180B rifle. This part is the bolt hold open device.

You can see the difference between the AR-180B and the AR-180 with this next picture.

With The AR-180B some additional parts are required.

Looking at this next set of pictures you can see the […]

Sunday Answer 4-5-15

The part shown on Saturday.

Belongs to the AR-180. It is the barrel extension for the 18/180 rifle.

A close up of it in the receiver.

The basic rifle.

close up of the receiver.

Other side of the rifle.

Another close up.

A quick video of me taking the day off and […]

Interesting site

If you have not been to site you should drop in and check it out. He just finished a comparison on AR-180 bolts that is quite interesting and well worth the read.

I hope to be adding to his article as I will be sending him pictures of the SA-80, Leader and Bushmaster […]

Updating the Vulcan V18

I just received an e-mail from a friend in southern Arizona concerning the Vulcan V18. You have seen my write up in a past post and Ian’s post on the Vulcan V18 so you know what we this of this piece of cr@p. Really it is truly junk. Well the good news is that it […]

AR-180 part 4

With this post we are going to discuss the stock.

The first set of pictures will be the plastic stock. You can see the parting line on the stock from where it was injected molded.

This is a picture of a completed and mounted stock showing the same area.

A close up of the […]

AR-180 part 3

In this write up we are going to look at the smaller parts and how they were made. The majority of the AR18/180 was a stamped weapon with minimal machined components. These are the stamped parts we are going to look at today.


The first part that we are going to look at is […]