Making parts for the AR-180B

We were down to see our friend Rick at a while back and over the last few weeks during conversation he was interested in if we could make a few AR-180B parts. Why not that’s what we do. So while we are waiting for ATFE approval on the VG1-5 and the machines are kind of idle we started a project to make impossible to get fire control parts for the 180B.

The first part we decided to tackle is the safety selector. This part is specific to the 180B as it is longer then the standard safety for either the 180 or the ar-15. The orginal ones were investment cast so making them that way was out of the question. What we did was to redesign it to a two piece part.


safetyrev1 2

safetyrev1sliceA quick look at the master cam video of the first op being performed.

This is the actual video of the part being made.


This is what the parts look like after the first op is completed.



Here is the complete lot done with this op.


10 comments to Making parts for the AR-180B

  • Mac

    Op 2 will be interesting! I’m wondering how you’ll hold the part in the vise to finish the bottom side?

  • Chris Brosnahan

    It took me YEARS to know what I wanted to do in life…my first choice – a military career was unavailable once I ETSed in July of ’74 – my eyesight which was borderline when I raised my right hand 43 years ago yesterday, Wednesday 28 May 1971, became a permanent bar to enlistment *refractive error in excess of = or – 8 diopters of correction. My second choice, teaching, taught me I wasn’t cut out to be a disciplinarian It wasn’t until I was in my 40s & 50s working in the Sikorsky Aircraft sheet-metal/machine shop that I realized I wouldda been happier (despite two useless college degrees) as a machinist. It always amazed me how a machinist could lock a chunk of metal into a milling machine or lathe and produce a part that allowed an aircraft to fly or to become a receiver for a classic firearm!!! My mantra since that time has been – Before you get a degree get a trade…with just a degree you may be scrounging for money & food…with a trade you’ll never go hungry…of course you may get your hands dirty, but IMHO the BEST jobs are the ‘Dirty Jobs’

  • I’m very excited about this project to say the least.

    Thanks Chuck. Great work.

  • Jim Sturges

    What keeps the lever from rotating on the shaft? A tab or brazing?
    Is there any plans to have the other end machined for a second ambidextrous lever?
    I’ve been mulling over a few ways of designing an ambidextrous flip safety for the M1 Carbine without using a screw. But the Carbine safety is 50% smaller than an AR and my “solutions” seem too fragile.

  • JB

    Wow! What feed and rpm are you using on that first tool? Do you usually cut dry?

  • JB黒狐

    Chuck, thanks for sharing.

    What grade of steel are they being made from & will they be Heat treated?

    Owing to a new commenter (above) using the name JB on GunLab, I have added 黒狐 to mine to distinguish it from his or any future commenters, I have done the same on Forgotten Weapons.

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