Weekend update 5-31-15

Now as much to chat about this weekend. Spent most of Saturday machining the AR-180B selector second op. The second op is now complete and we will be setting up the Sharps for the third op. The material and tooling is in to start on the safety shaft on the lathe then the pivot button for the bolt hold open device.

I added a new isolation valve to the air system.


This will allow us to isolate the air compressor for the air system in the shop. Making it easier for start up and shut down. A new electrical switch is being added as well. This will control the air dryer from inside the shop.

DSC_5652sI finished the mods to the shop welder and it is now back together. I still need to finish the water cooling system.

DSC_5660sClose up of the lower bar.


The stem wall framing was completed and the concrete poured. I will set up for the slab next weekend.


DSC_5656sForms removed to clean up the wall. This is the sand area.

DSC_5662sThe larger area is the actual casting area and will be sand filled.

DSC_5663sThis smaller area will be where the furnaces will set.


Most of Sunday, after the hard work project was completed, was spent on playing with the wire edm.


I learned a great deal but still miles to go.

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