Interesting site

If you have not been to site you should drop in and check it out. He just finished a comparison on AR-180 bolts that is quite interesting and well worth the read.

I hope to be adding to his article as I will be sending him pictures of the SA-80, Leader and Bushmaster rifle bolts and bolt carriers.

I will also not be in the shop this weekend as I have to make a Arizona cross country trip. Not everything is work, just most things. I hope to be back early tomorrow afternoon.

One last note. A friend of mine in Germany was able to track down a book on the 7.92 kurtz cartridge that I have been looking for.


The last page so you can try and find it.


I tried to contact the author and publisher for a copy but never received a response.

Interesting picture on page 221

scan0003csThat would be me shooting the 05.

While the book is written in German it still has a great deal of useful information and pictures. Maybe one day it will be in English.

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