Sunday answer 2-15-15



This is a bolt to the Brondby rifle in 7.62×25.


It was another trials rifle that was made in limited numbers.

The rifle fired from an open bolt ,which unfortunately means that I can not made one here. It is a gas operated rifle that uses a […]

Sunday answer 2-8-15

This is the locking device and recoil spring guide for the 7.63×25 Howard Francis carbine. There is only one prototype that is known to have been made in late 1943. It uses a No.1 Mk3. receiver and was converted to a semi-automatic magazine fed carbine.

A black and write photo of the complete rifle.


Sunday answer 2-1-15

The bolt is from a SIG 542 rifle.

Here are a couple of picture of the bolt and carrier.

A close up of the receiver with the bolt and carrier removed.

A series of pictures of the rifle.

These are close ups of the receiver area.

This is a […]

Sunday answer 1-25

What you are looking at is a magazine loader.

My friend brought over his Beretta Model 38a, these are just stock photos to give you an idea what it looks like.

And with it he brought this loader. While I do not think it is Italian, I could be wrong, it works well […]

Sunday Answer 1-18-15

This is the bolt and bolt carrier for the Cetme model L.

It is part of the kit that I received from Apex gun parts.

I also bought some of there magazines.

It is a interesting looking gun and one that I am looking forward to build in the future.


Sunday answer

This magazine is the shorten version for the silenced Chinese sub machine gun.

This is a look at the larger magazine that was issued with this weapon.

This is the Sub machine gun.

This is the special 7.62×25 cartridge that was used with this weapon.


Sunday Answer 1-4-15

This is the bolt from a Holloway HAC 7 rifle.

You can see how it sets in the bolt carrier here.

And finally the complete rifle.

I use to own one of these when they first came out, wish I would have kept it.



Sunday Answer 12-21

These are the factory set of head space gauges for the AR-10 rifle from Holland.


The set with some of the gauges removed

The markings on the chamber gauge as marked on the block as well.

Just a couple of pictures to show the rifle.


Sunday Answer 12-14


This is a bolt and bolt carrier from a Chinese bull pup assault rifle. qbz-95


Sunday answer 12-7

It is the bolt and bolt carrier from a Dror light machine gun