Sunday answer 11-30

It is the hand crank cam for a single barrel Gardner Gun. And you are correct. It is a British gun in 303.

A view of the crank cam.

A view of the complete weapon.

Sunday answer 11-9

The picture from the post on 11-8 is from the bolt of a Beretta model 1957 carbine in .30 M1.

Here is the write up on it from the book ” The World’s Assault Rifles”. This is another book you should have in your library.


Sunday answer 11-2

For those of you that correctly knew the answer give your self a gold star. It is the winter trigger for a EM-2. Here are a couple of references from Thomas B. Dugelby’s book EM-2 concept and Design. This book is published by Collector Grade Publications and should be in your reference library.

The first […]

What is it Saturday October 11

Sunday answer for 10-5

The item on Saturday’s post.

Is a 22lr cartridge adapter for a MAS 36 training rifle. This is as it looks next to a 22lr cartridge.

This is with the 22lr cartridge in the adapter.

Next to the rifle.

In the magazine of the rifle.

You can see the special feed ramp for […]

Sunday answer September 21

This is the magazine well from a SA-80. Here are a few more pictures of the stamping.

The next two pictures show it in the actual rifle.

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Sunday Answer

The part this weekend is actually a complete bolt and bolt carrier for a Chauchat light machine gun. The pictures are from “Collector Grade Publications” book “Honor Bound”. This is another book that you should have in your library.

Once again comments and ideas are welcome.


Sunday answer

This is the receiver block from a MP-44 (STG-44).

The first picture are from “Collector Grade Publications” book “Sturmgewehr”. I highly recommend this book. If you are a student of weapons or military history this book is a must in your collection.

Here is a picture of the bolt in the machined receiver.


Sunday Answer

The part from what is it Saturday is: The lever for a lever delayed blow back San Cristobal. This is the basic function of the part. It is design to keep the bolt closed against the barrel until the pressure drops enough to allow safe operation. Here is a series of pictures showing this is […]