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The part from what is it Saturday is: The lever for a lever delayed blow back San Cristobal. IMG_0251_sThis is the basic function of the part. It is design to keep the bolt closed against the barrel until the pressure drops enough to allow safe operation. Here is a series of pictures showing this is operation.

As the rifle is fired the bolt is closed up against the barrel and held there with spring pressure.



You will notice that the tab on the bottom of the lever is pushed down into the receiver.


This is what just the bolt looks like in that condition.

IMG_2447_sAs the round is fired and pressure is placed upon the bolt it tries to move backward. This causes the bolt to try and move backwards. The lever keeps the front of the bolt closed and starts moving the rear of the bolt against spring pressure.

IMG_2442_s_wordsAnother picture of the bolt by itself showing what is happening.

IMG_2448_sOnce the bolt is totally open the lever is no longer having any effect and the bolt can now open allowing the cartridge to eject.


IMG_2446_sThis is a picture of the bolt during this phase of operation.

IMG_2449_sThe last picture if with the lever removed form the bolt.

IMG_2451_sThanks for coming by and your comments and opinions are appreciated.

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