Weekend update

Most of Saturday morning was spent on another solid model. The actual projects that were accomplished were finishing the knurling tool and get back on the VG1-5 knurling project.

So first on the list is the knurling tool. I have one that I bought form Shars. I just did not like it. It moved to much and made me very nervous when I was using it up close to the chuck on my lathe. It would move when ever it wanted and most of the time not when I wanted it to. So my neighbor and I design one, wrote the programs for the Allen-Bradley and then finished it off this last week.

Here are a few pictures of the build process.




This after the jaw was machined and we put it in the web milling machine to cut off the back side. I have a complete post for later in this week.

Sunday was spent playing with my new Nikon 5300 series camera. I have also started a night class at the local college on digital photography. I did a basic video with a voice over to test its capability.

The rest of the time was spent with working out the design of the chamber fluting machine for the VG1-5 and other barrels.

flutting machine_3_sThe design is in it final stages and I will post on this tomorrow.


2 comments to Weekend update

  • Will Cushman

    Like the test video with sound, Chuck. I also like the machining process videos except for the longer scenes taken through the splash hood with coolant spray obstructing the view! A little of that goes a long way. As a non-machinist, I enjoy seeing how things are made. Keep up the good work.

  • don

    Have not heard anything about those Japanese Type-99 magazines lately….how are they doing?

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