Shop Tuesday, Late 9-3-14

Sorry for the late update. It has been a little busy and now with school starting again I found myself out of time. The major update for shop Tuesday is the design work that has been accomplished on the barrel fluting machine. I spent most of last Saturday morning and almost all of Monday working of the design. Some major changes have been incorporated. As a brief intro here are the solid models that posted a while back.

flutting machine assembly_s

flutting machine2_s

flutting machine_sAS you can see the vise is bolted to a rotary flat plate. This flat plate then rides in an opening of another steel plate. The complete assembly was then bolted to a large plate and then assembled to the side of my forging press.

The changes that we are currently working on allow the lower assembly to move up and down. This change will allow for a greater range of work possibilities. We also changed the method for holding the chuck to the rotary table. This a basic look at the new design.

flutting machine_3_s

flutting machine_2

flutting machine_4

You will notice that we design the rotary table portion with 10 degree increments to allow accurate placement of the table in relation to the fluting tool. We also design a simple but effective tool holder. There is still more to do with the design, but I hope to have the design portion done this weekend and then start making it.

Hope you enjoyed the update. Comments and ideas are always welcome.







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