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DSC_3081csThis is a bolt and bolt carrier from a Chinese bull pup assault rifle. qbz-95




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  • Crackers

    It is interesting that the drum has an offset to the left. This I am sure was tested by the Chinese and is appropriate.

    What is also intriguing is that is Chinese doctrine to initiate an attack with overwhelming firepower, in the form of this drum which is between 75 and 100 rounds, then switch to the lighter, flatter, more convenient stick mags?

    Something for our planners to consider. Making a mag change in the middle of a fast advancing adversary with higher firepower capacity, could break a soldiers resolve if not well trained. It is the same reason that we went to a 30 round magazine in the M-16 in Viet Nam after the North started fielding AK’s with 30 round mags while our guys were utilizing the M-16 with the 20 round magazine.

    They were more or less well prepared to meet the SKS with it’s limited 10 round capacity, but once the AK’s were brought in, the capacity advantage went to the NVA, until we countered with the 30 of our own.

    Seems like a good reason for our doctrine to include the 100 round Surefire magazine for initial contacts or concentrated defense on set piece attacks. Or at least the 60 with a lower profile as the 100 is long even in a quad row box mag.

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