Sunday Answer 1-4-15

This is the bolt from a Holloway HAC 7 rifle.

IMG_0045csYou can see how it sets in the bolt carrier here.

cimg76311024x768And finally the complete rifle.

cimg76271024x768lsI use to own one of these when they first came out, wish I would have kept it.


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  • S.N.A.L

    this rifle have no primary extraction like the ar15 ?

  • I spoke to Bob Holloway a couple of times (great stories about his time fighting in Rhodesia). Great guy and too bad that he got out of the gun business (soon to retire from the oil industry).

    I remember when the gun came out in 1984, it looked like it was to be the next HK91 or FAL. Sometimes a great gun, or any invention for that matter, does not make it because of lack of financial backing, poor distribution, limited marketing resources, or a very slow retail market/bad timing. This gun really is a fantastic battle rifle.


  • Steve Little

    While we do not see the left side of the bolt carrier, I believe the rifle operates with a rotating bolt, just as so many designs do, including the AR-15. This is not a titling bolt as in the FAL, or Roller Locked as is the HK. It’s primary extraction IS the rotation of the cartridge to break loose from firing expansion. This appears to feature a very large, simplified, robust two lug bolt face. I also suspect the rotation is 90 degrees, as I see the bolt in two basic positions in regard to the lugs, one with the lugs vertical and one with the lugs horizontal. Just summation on my part.

    I believe the Leader Dynamics rifle of the 80s was a simplified 2 massive lug rotating bolt (in 5.56) like this design.

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