Sunday answer 2-8-15


IMG_0407cmcsThis is the locking device and recoil spring guide for the 7.63×25 Howard Francis carbine. There is only one prototype that is known to have been made in late 1943. It uses a No.1 Mk3. receiver and was converted to a semi-automatic magazine fed carbine.

A black and write photo of the complete rifle.

scan1sThe rifle and it’s basic component parts.

IMG_0401sszClose up of the receiver with the bolt installed.

IMG_0470zsAnd with out the bolt.

IMG_0414lrsAnd a quick look at the bolt.

IMG_0403boltThis rifle is on the bucket list to make. So I started by buying a couple of drill purpose rifles.


IMG_0776sI then removed the charger clip guide.

IMG_0765sAnd after machining.

IMG_0769sMore to come on this project. It took a back seat to the VG1-5 project.

It is just to cute not to have one.

4 comments to Sunday answer 2-8-15

  • Martin

    This is totally new one to me. It indeed does look like nice carbine to have and wouldn’t mind having one. I’m looking forward to your blogs on this when you do build it.

    IMO: One of many designs that came a bit late. Would have been a world beater in 1915. Would have also been useful in 1939-1940.

  • JB

    Was this carbine intended for combat or hunting?

    I know it is a prototype but it lacks a flash hider & bayonet mount, it may not need a flash hider being chambered for 7.63×25.

    Was it to weak for 7.62×25 tokarev

  • gaston

    Great !
    Would you have other high résolution pictures of this Howard Francis carbine ?
    You can send me them at
    Can it be seen in a museum or is it in a private collection ?

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