Weekend update

I am a little late posting this, just did not have time last week.

My friend Mac from Texas was up for about a week so a great deal got accomplished that needed to be dome. Mac is a great welder and fabricator and he was used and abused in that fashion. The first and most important task was the steel shop doors on shop 2. The ball bearing hinges has rusted solid and would no longer operate, in fact two of them had broken off the frame. So new hinges were welded in place.

DSC_3885sBoth doors have new hinges.

DSC_3886sA couple of looks at the inside of the door. The next step is insulating the doors.


DSC_3708sJust so you understand, no one sets around here during the weekend. The new clamp racks were milled to size and hung up in the wood shop.


DSC_3719sThe radial arm saw backing rail was welled up and the support for the bench was completed.


DSC_3722sThe next step for the back rail is to be powder coated.

And then because there was nothing else to do we disassembled the old lathe and put it in the truck for a scrap run.

DSC_3733sThe bolts were so rusted that we had to plasma cut them off. Then moving it was fun.

DSC_3727scDSC_3731sThe base and pan are saved for another project.


DSC_3746soff to scrap.


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