Webley Mk 1

I have decided to do  a short series of posts on the Webley and Enfield revolvers in my collection. The first of the series is the Mk1 455 revolver.

The one in my collection is a cut away pistol.

This is one of any order of 10,000 pistols bought in 1887. This pistol was later converted to a armories cut away gun. All Mk1 guns were black powder guns.


DSC_0648sA close up of the right side cut away section.


DSC_0647sA close up of the left side cut away section.


DSC_0645sAction open.

DSC_0649sYou can see from this photo that this is a Mk1 and not a Mk1* as the shield has not been modified.

DSC_0651sA close up of the cylinder

DSC_0652sLater Mk1 were converted to Mk1* and Mk1** with the addition of a Mk2 pistol shield that was dovetailed into its breech and by adding a new barrel and cylinder.


4 comments to Webley Mk 1

  • Andrew

    There are official purchase Mk 1 Webley revolvers in Cal .442 CF. In Cal .455 there revolvers were in service until after WW2. They are more comfortable to fire than the Mk 2,3
    & 4 because of the grip shape. All Mk 1 revolvers have long fragile firing pins which often break due to dry firing. Also Mk 1 revolvers re chambered to .45 acp are dangerous to fire because they are intended for low pressures of black powder and transitional propellants.

  • Where on Earth do you find all these brilliant guns? It took you for years to collect them all, I suppose?

  • Hi Andrew. I also have a mk1 .455 cutaway. In id say good to very good condition.
    Any idea of what this piece of history is worth?? Also, would you happen to know why they made these cut away versions?? I read only one in ten thousand was made a cut away version? Any suggestions on who may be interested?? Thanks for your time either way.

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