Unusual Vietnam 22 pistol


Ken, a friend of gun lab, sent us a very unusual 22 pistol that his father-in-law picked up while serving in Vietnam. It appears to be factory made pistol. However, I have never seen another one like it.

This is it.

DSC_0619csThe only information on the pistol

DSC_0622csClose up of the right side of the pistol and cylinder.

DSC_0623csLeft side view with the hammer drawn back.

DSC_0625sSome interesting views of the cylinder and latching mechanism.




DSC_0630csThe latching mechanism comes from the Harrington and Richardson break open revolver.


DSC_0636sYou can see it’s French heritage by looking at the cylinder.

DSC_0639sThis is the only information that exists for this pistol.

scan0001csIf anyone has any additional information on the pistol or the arsenal where it was made I would greatly appreciate it.




2 comments to Unusual Vietnam 22 pistol

  • Mac

    Interesting…The letter states serial #7 but the stamping looks like serial #5.

  • Ken

    Several comments: 1). It was the friend who gave me the pistol whose father-in-law had something to do with obtaining e pistol. My friend and his wife know nothing more about it. 2). Although the papers say otherwise, the pistol shoots fine. 3). While the papers say SN 7, I could not find that number anywhere on the pistol. Chuck may have had better luck. The 05-1971 is the date of manufacture, I believe. I’d love to hear any further info. Ken

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