Webley Mk2

The second pistol in the series in the Mk2 revolver. By 1894 a number of changes had occurred to the Mk1 to warrant a new nomenclature. Thus the Mk2 was born. The modifications that occurred were to the frame, hammer and the changing of the machined in shield to one that was a separate hardened steel shield.

A view of the left side of the revolver.


A close up of the stamping on the side of the frame showing the Mk2 stamp.

DSC_0583sRight side of the revolver

DSC_0578csThis photo shows the new hammer design that came with the Mk2 revolver. The change was a larger spur, for the benefit of the cavalryman, and a stronger nose.

DSC_0576csIn addition to the difference in hammer size the thumb piece portion that was chequered was also increased in size.


DSC_0579sA good view of the separate shield that was came with Mk2

DSC_0581sThe broad arrow mark on the top strap.

DSC_0580sThe Mk2 revolver barrel will withstand a safe pressure of 6 tons per square inch.

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