Mk4 Webley .455

Unfortunately I have no Mk3 pistol in my collection, maybe someday. The next in line is the Mk4 pistol in .455. This pistol was accepted into service in October 1899. Commonly call the Boer war pistol. It was the pistol supplied by the British government for troops sent to South Africa to fight the Boors. The Mk 4 was a very well design and serviceable weapon as no changes were made to the weapon for the next 14 years and then only when the Mk5 was introduces in 1913. The pistol remained in service through WW1.

Left side view.

DSC_0668c Right side view.

DSC_0669sStamped markings on the Mk4

DSC_0666sBarrel lengths come is 4, 5, and 6″ lengths.


You can see the cam, cam lever, cam lever fixing screw in this photo

DSC_0680sThe dimension of the hammer spur has been reduced

DSC_0672sClear view of the hardened steel shield.

DSC_0581sOpen cylinder

DSC_0673sBy the Mk3 and Mk4 versions the cylinder cam and cylinder cam lever had been installed.


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