Cut away weapons

By now most of you that come to this site know that I have a thing about cut away weapons. They are a great tool in understand how weapons work and in my case allow me to see the functioning of the guns that we make.  I own a number of cut away weapons and have photograph a number of other ones as well. As I am always on the look out for them I thought I would share some of them that are currently available at the Cowan Auction house.

To begin there is a Enfield cut away rifle, lot 195,



Next are a couple of Glock cut away pistols lots 503 and 504. The first is a Glock 17.



The next is a Glock 19.



And the last one they have is a Tokarev pistol. Lot 583.


184451_1If you have an opportunity you should stop by there site and check them out.


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