Full Auto pistol part 3

This is the third and last post on the prototypes full auto pistols. This is also my favorite of the pistols we have covered.

It is a cross between a CZ52, Browning high power, and some original ideas. You can clearly see the Cz slide in these pictures.

The first couple of pictures show the left and right side views of the pistol.

visser 091cs

visser 090csTo convert this pistol all that is required is to pull down the trigger guard / front pistol grip.

visser 088cs

visser 089csA couple of close up pictures of the side of the receiver at the grip panels showing the welding to increase the grip width.

visser 095cs

visser 094csThis next series of pictures show the slide removed and the fire control mechanism.

visser 107cs

visser 110s

visser 109cs

visser 108cs

visser 111s

visser 112cs

visser 113cs

visser 114s

visser 115csThis is the magazine for this pistol. A browning high power magazine.

visser 105csThis is the modification to allow it to be locked on the side instead of using a push button release.

visser 104cs

visser 093csI would like to have just a semi auto version of this pistol

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