Webley Mk6

With the Mark 6 Webley revolver coming about in and being approved for service in May of 1915 it officially became the issue hand gun in British service. You can see the differences between it and the Mk4 revolver that it was suppose to replace. The pistol came with a 6″ barrel and was chambered for the .455 cartridge.  The grip style had been changed as well as a minor change to the front sight.

A photo of the right side of the revolver.

DSC_0736sLeft side of the revolver.

DSC_0737sClose up of the markings on the side plate.

DSC_0738sYou can see that this one has been shaved to accept 45 auto rim or 45 acp with half moon clips.




DSC_0741sMark *VI* stamped on the side.

DSC_0744sThis is actually one of my favorite revolver to shoot.

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