Sunday Answer 3-15-15

This is the bolt that you looked at yesterday.

IMG_0066csThe ring on the back is to cock the bolt.


IMG_0070csYou can see where the hammer travels through the bolt and strikes the firing pin. This rifle fires from a closed bolt.



It goes to the Beretta model 1918/30 carbine in 9mm Glisenti. It is a cartridge similar to the 9×19 but of much less powerful,

You can see the similarity to the Beretta model 38 smg bolt.


9mm Luger ammunition will fit and fire in this weapon but should not be used.


DSC_4588csIt was a well made carbine using a forged and machined receiver.


It was generally issued as a police carbine.

5 comments to Sunday Answer 3-15-15

  • Don

    I’m curious as to where/if you found definitive information that the Beretta 1918/30 is a 9mm Glisenti and not 9mm Parabellum firearm. I have have looked at many sources for an answer to that. I have seen both cartridges given as the correct one but have yet to see something from a source that can be considered reliable (such as Beretta). I know that the models before that were 9mm Glisenti but I found an Italian source that claims that the 1918/30 was ‘redesigned’ to take the more powerful 9×19. Also, the one that I fired would not reliable function with light loads.

    I would be interested in what you could add to this conflict of information.

  • Chris

    How much does that bolt weigh? It looks tiny. I was sure it was for a .32 acp or smaller

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