Part 2 of the Volkspistolen

In this report we will be writing about the frame and fire control part of the pistol. Again the pistol was made with out the use of an actual milling machine of lathe. It was made from hand tools, welders, and a drill press. Once again to get an idea of the final product here is a picture of the completed pistol.


The first step was to draw out a basic concept of what you wanted the shape of the frame to be. Next using this paper pattern trace it onto the sheet steel and then start drilling a number of holes to make it easier to cut it out.

frame 1sDo this step 4 times two right and 2 left

frame 2sWith all the patterns cut out the next step is to make them all the same.

frame 3sAn idea of the basic concept to work toward to.

frame 4s

Four steel metal patterns completed. Notice the match holes that were drilled in the four patterns.frame 5sWelding the front radius on to the grip panel.

frame 6sThe front grip radius after filing and sanding.

frame 7sThis shows the relationship of the magazine to the front grip radius and the barrel extension/barrel.

frame 8sA look at the inside on the right side frame panel.

frame 9sThe front and back magazine guides welded in place.

frame 10sCutting out the inner grip panel for the trigger mechanism.

frame 11sThe cut out complete.

frame 12sA look at the out side grip panel withe the barrel support screwed on and the inner grip frame welded in place.

frame 13sThe other frame side showing how the inner panel is attached and positioned to the outer frame panel.

frame 14sThe basic assembly put together with the trigger guard.

frame 15sThe pistol as finished with out the wooden grips installed.


A couple of pictures showing the fir control mechanism disassembled and assembled.



In part three of this series we will have a few video’s of the trigger mechanism and of the pistol cycling manually. So stay tuned.

10 comments to Part 2 of the Volkspistolen

  • Pete F.

    I know guys would buy prints for that pistol.
    I’m one.

  • Martin

    Even if the prints are just basic dimensions, I’d be interested.

  • Jordan

    Thirding the request for prints, design notes, etc.

  • Rufus Chucklebutty

    Are there any slide rails, or is that price at the rear of the frame locking into the slide ?

  • Dean

    I like the look of this one. To me it has a nice 21 century look about it.

  • Jacob

    what is the word on plans?

  • Kevin

    It seems like there are not going to be any plans / blueprints?

    Well, if the Designer / Constructor is a German and currently living in Germany, he has of course to respect German gun law, which means he must not build a actually working firearm. He needs to install a dummy barrel and a not working bolt / boltface. Unless he is a licenced gunsmith, then he can do what he wants.
    Now, the blueprints would be protected in Germany under their freedom of speech and science (article 5, German constitution) but if the blueprints would be released in the U.S. the ITAR would ban foreign citizens to get a hold of those plans.

    So, if there will ever be some plans available, you have to consider where you host / release them, in what country.

    If they are released in Germany, everybody can download them, but it would be wise to only include fotographs of dummy barrel and breech block / bolt face, just like Prof. Parabellum always does in his plans.

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